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Why between Chinese and Russian Prime Ministers in St Petersburg? – Sohu news Xinhua Zhang Duo photo. I am very happy to be in the city of St Petersburg, Prime Minister Medvedev’s hometown, and he jointly held the twenty-first regular meeting with Russian Prime minister." Local time on November 7th afternoon, Premier Li Keqiang at a press conference on the opening, by Russian Prime Minister Medvedev’s smile. 2013, Medvedev visited Anhui during his visit to Hefei. At that time, he said to Li Keqiang, visiting Prime Minister Lee’s hometown feel very cordial, and expressed the hope that the next visit to Russia, to his hometown of St Petersburg. Three years later, Medvedev promised to welcome Li Keqiang in St Petersburg, and given the high standard of hospitality. Russia from Moscow sent a military honor guard, in the St Petersburg airport to welcome the prime minister Chinese. According to reports, this is the first time in Russia in the field of foreign cities to visit foreign leaders held a welcoming ceremony. In an earlier interview with the media, Medvedev said he hoped that the meeting with Li Keqiang is not only a useful business talks, or a Chinese friend impressed by the activities". "I am very happy to have the opportunity to receive friends from China in St Petersburg." He said in a regular meeting between Chinese and Russian Prime Ministers in 7, we will take turns to hold a regular meeting between the Chinese and Russian Prime Minister, for Russia, this mechanism is unique." Li Keqiang went on to say that the Sino Russian Prime Minister met regularly for 20 consecutive years, which in itself indicates that the Sino Russian relations stable, healthy and sustainable development. "China and Russia are each other’s largest neighbors, and both are permanent members of the UN Security Council. We all work together to uphold the UN Charter and maintain world peace and stability." He said, the cooperation between China and Russia two emerging economies, not only to benefit the two peoples, but also to provide a new impetus for regional development." Xinhua photo by Zhang Duo during the meeting, the two prime ministers listened to the work report of the four Sino Russian bilateral cooperation mechanism, and after witnessing two between government and business trade, investment, finance, civilian nuclear energy, high-tech, borders unit, education and culture. More than 20 cooperation documents signed. The two countries reached a nuclear power, not only contains high iron and other large projects of investment cooperation in the new list, more focus on pragmatic cooperation "". In a press conference after the meeting, Li Keqiang said that Russia and China have a good foundation for practical cooperation in the cooperation of large projects, there are new developments in the field of new energy. At the same time, we also recognize that we not only want to nurture these key projects to make new progress, new breakthroughs, but also tap the huge potential of SME cooperation." He further stressed that the Sino Russian cooperation in small and medium enterprises, not only conducive to the two countries to support employment, promote innovation, but also to provide better services for large enterprises, to promote the new progress of large enterprise cooperation, new breakthroughs. Medvedev positive response, China and Russia will retain large projects in cooperation, but also pay more attention to the development of SME Cooperation projects. "Prime minister Li Keqiang and I have discussed, we should make great efforts to promote cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship Cong相关的主题文章: