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Sinusitis dare bully treasure? Hit back to play back – Sohu baby sinusitis dare bully treasure? One of the required courses to call back call back Ma Ma, is constantly fighting and various diseases, this time, the encounter is sinusitis. What is the goods? Sinusitis is a disease that occurs when 1 or more paranasal sinuses (bony cavities near the nose) occur. Most of the time, this product is covered with a cold or allergic complications of the emergence of infectious drops, for the purpose of ah is more than 2 years of treasure. Then, what trouble? First of all, it will cause the nasal cavity and sinus tissue hyperemia edema, swelling after? Blocked sinuses (reflux into the nasal cavity) the normal opening chant, the treasure will be filled with liquid in the paranasal sinus. "Nose?" It’s as simple as that. In this case, it is normal to have a stuffy nose, but if the bacteria in the nasal cavity are blocked back to the sinuses? The liquid in the normal sinus not dry, the bacteria can cause inflammation naturally took the opportunity to reproduce. Look, is not very serious? Xiao Nan is listed some of the symptoms of sinusitis, so as to attract the attention of Baba mama, can accurate point tell the doctor: persistent colds or upper respiratory tract infection symptoms, including cough and runny nose lasts more than 10 days, no signs of improvement. The nose can be very thick and yellow, may be clear or pale…… Well, Ma Ma feel small in addition to nausea, nausea nose, cough will treasure, regardless of day and night "cough". In some cases, the doctor is looking for treasure, get up in the morning, around the eyes is likely to appear edema. What if it’s a preschool? Sinusitis can show you no mercy, so let the treasure dyspnea accompanied with cold symptoms. Of course, do not rule out that some children bear the foreign body in the nasal cavity, or sore throat, even brushing will have these symptoms. Treasure the cold is very serious, accompanied by high fever and thick yellow nose, the early morning when the eyes are likely out of edema. If I hear the treasure said he had a headache (if the treasure to can describe it), the site of pain may be located above the rear or orbital eye. What’s going on here? The little contact with some very few cases, indeed this is the case, it is likely to spread the sinusitis treasure eyes or central nervous system (brain). So, once you see the eye edema is very lasting not only in the morning, but also for a whole day to see a doctor. If you have a very serious headache, but also sensitive to light, or irritability…… Well, sinusitis is likely to affect the central nervous system. This is a very serious signal, must be treated immediately. How to cure, this is our duty. In general, if we think that Bao suffering from sinusitis, there may be an antibiotic, generally need to eat 14-21 days. One thing to remind Baba mama, don’t smell.相关的主题文章: