Sisi Chen talked about the song don’t forget the heart my heart is on the dream of music —

Sisi Chen talked about the song "don’t forget the heart:" my heart is on the dream of music — entertainment channel, Beijing in October 14,   (Zou Jing) this year on the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army, China Communist Party for 95 years, 13 in the afternoon, the famous singer, national first level actor the Rockets, Sisi Chen, deputy head of Army art troupe of the famous composer Meng Wenhao’s song "on, do not forget the beginning heart" the story behind the creation, and share their own experience to forget the beginning of the heart feeling. Sisi Chen said that in October 10th she with the CPPCC National Committee of education to the old revolutionary base in Ruijin, Yudu, the first time the "heart" do not forget the beginning of the song and the fellow concert together, sharing the spirit of the long march. Sisi Chen said, we not only to the positive energy of the song passed to the people, more importantly, there is a sublimation of their own hearts, a sentiment. As a literary and art workers, we have their own ideals, their dreams do not forget the beginning of the heart. We want to use the song to promote this spirit, so that we feel that our lives today is really hard to come by." Song writer Meng Wenhao said, "do not forget the beginning of the heart" was changed in the three draft, "thought the teacher later told us to discuss, modify a few places, is now very popular, very easy to understand, to consider it sung, because people register, his voice height can do. However, in the above and not lose its atmosphere." Turning to his early heart, Meng Wenhao said, everyone has his own heart, is to do everything is the beginning of the heart. The beginning of the heart, I think that covers a lot of a lot, it can represent the voice of our common people." Sisi Chen said, "we have a common idea is to close to you, sing when really touch people harbor, including the creation of the lyrics are like that. For me, the song for the first sentence touched me, "long journey BaiZhuanQianHui", is actually such a life experience, I feel the same in art." Sisi Chen said, calm down to his heart is the dream of music, down-to-earth to do, may be harvested every day. Sisi Chen said, in addition to their master theme songs, singing popular songs also works, a recent exploration of ancient love. "I love this kind of work style, and the charm and heritage, including its musical temperament, style of this. For example, I sing the "full moon", the word is very touched me, it seems that the lyrics are very simple but deep charm. Like the tea tea tea flavor, everyone is not the same, Black Tea, Green Tea, white tea culture is not the same, you drink a cup of tea, but I was inside the tea culture." (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Jiang Bo)相关的主题文章: