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Site: second-hand housing transfer amount accepted over 1000 site: second-hand housing transfer amount accepted over 1000 reasons: rumors cause why the sudden explosion peak superposition so crowded, according to an interview with reporters on the ground, because the chain effect of superposition of second-hand housing early high turnover bring objective do business needs and bring some rumors. Today, Chengdu city issued a "second-hand housing transactions appointment Paihao" announcement, the firepower to solve the oncoming business peak, after the door sub center of second-hand housing transactions daily acceptance reached 600, south of the city center of all kinds of business volume increased to 400 per day. Chengdu city government service center property division center hope that the general public can remain calm, not blindly join the fun. Business growth brought about by objective demand is easy to understand. Before October, and the real estate market in Chengdu this year upward trend consistent, Chengdu second-hand housing transactions continue to rise, a large number of transactions to bring a large number of office demand. According to the reporters’ on-the-spot investigation, the misunderstanding mainly comes from two aspects, and after the fermentation, the business demand soared. Misunderstanding: the double certificate is not complete, can not do real property right certificate interpretation: "to go with the" does not affect in the transaction processing hall, the staff said, because of the recent upcoming "real estate registration issued warrants", because it doesn’t understand the new policy, many buyers really want to be able to get double the original permit "in the rules before the change". Xiao master, who lives in the east of the city, sold a set of old houses in 90s last month. Because of various reasons, he didn’t deal with the family land certificate. Recently, the intermediary said, "after 23, if there is no land certificate, it will not be able to obtain the real estate warrant."." After the transaction has failed the risk, Xiao master intended seize the time within the prescribed deadline, go through the relevant formalities of warrants. Such an example is a big part of this sea of people. An intermediary brokerage staff briefed reporters, "before, some houses in Chengdu, only property certificate, no land certificate.". After 23, the new real estate registration certificate will be issued, and the premise of the real estate certificate is the land certificate and property certificate is indispensable, otherwise it will not be able to deal with, can not be traded." To ensure the success of the previous transaction, there is only one way, "that is to get the land certificate before 17."." Is that the case? Registration Center on-site staff said, absolutely not true! After November 23rd, the real estate without land certificate can also handle real estate registration. "Now the pace of work, in the old and new two generations of warrants alternating period.". Many intermediary unwilling to data overdue, re submit the delay of business aging." And there are insiders said, "originally a week and so on can go through the deal, because warrants alternating, and now may be delayed for three weeks or even a month later.". As the intermediary of the transaction, of course, do not want to change the transaction variables because of the delay of the time." The reasons for such situation, largely because of intermediary personnel in the reminder.

现场:二手房过户受理量超1000件   现场:二手房过户受理量超1000件   原因:谣言叠加高峰期造成爆仓   为什么突然出现这样的拥挤,据记者实地采访,是因为二手房前期高位成交带来的客观办件业务需求和部分传言带来的连锁效应叠加。今天,成都市发布“二手房交易预约排号”的公告,火力全开解决迎面而来的业务高峰,后子门分中心二手房交易每日受理量达到600件,城南分中心各类业务受理量增加至每日400件。   成都市政务服务中心房产分中心希望广大市民能够保持冷静,不要盲目凑热闹。   客观需求带来的业务增长很容易理解。在10月份以前,和今年成都房地产市场的上升走势一致,成都二手房交易持续走高,大量的交易带来大量的办件需求。而据记者现场调查,“误解”则来主要自两个方面,并在发酵之后引发了业务办理需求暴涨。   误解:双证不全,不能办不动产权证书   解读:“地随房走”不影响办理   在交易大厅,有工作人员表示,因为最近即将进行“不动产权证”的登记发放,因为对于新政策的不了解,很多购房真希望能够在规则改变之前拿到原来的“双证”。住在城东的肖师父,在上个月卖了一套90年代的老房子,因为是各种原因一直没有办理分户国土证,最近听中介说,“23号之后,如果没有国土证,将不能取得不动产权证。”此前的交易有告吹的风险,肖师父打算抓紧时间在规定截止日期之前,先办完相关的权证手续。   这样的例子,是这场人山人海的一大重要组成部分。某中介经纪工作人员向记者介绍,“此前,成都有些房子,只有产权证,没有国土证。23号之后将发放新的不动产登记证,而领取不动产证书的前提条件就是国土证和房产证缺一不可,否则将无法办理、无法交易。”而要保证之前的交易成功,只有一个办法,“那就是在17号之前,拿到国土证。”   事实是否如此?登记中心现场工作人员表示,绝对不是真的!11月23日之后,商品房无国土证也可以办理不动产登记。   “现在的工作节奏,处于新旧两代权证交替的时期。很多中介不愿意资料逾期之后,重新递件耽误业务办结的时效。”而也有业内人士表示,“本来一周之类就可以办结的买卖交易,因为权证交替,现在有可能要暂时延迟到三周甚至一个月以后。作为交易的中介方,当然不希望因为办件时间的耽误而出现影响交易的变数。”出现这样情况的原因,很大部分是因为中介人员在催单。相关的主题文章: