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Get Yourself The ‘six Sigma Tag’ With Our Specialized Training Programs! Posted By: Judith Kraus Six Sigma methodology provides the strategies, tools and techniques to improve the process capabilities of any business firm or a corporate entity by minimizing the probability of errors and defects to 0.00034% in a million opportunities for errors. Our training programs are intensive and prove to be extremely successful covering all the basic concepts, techniques, statistical process control, statistical techniques control and statistical quality control tools. We have provided six sigma training to more than 500 champions and have certified Green Belt and Black belt six sigma corporations and individuals across the globe. Lean six sigma training is in line with the DMAIC methodology :- Define -Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control. This method is used to improve existing products and processes and is also used for structured and repeated process improvements. The focus of lean six sigma training in this approach is defect reduction. Our curriculum for Six Sigma training programs comprise of Six Sigma Executive Training, Six Sigma Champion training, Six Sigma Green Belt Training and finally the ultimate and highly coveted Six Sigma Black Belt training workshops. Lean six sigma training helps one identify the gaps in a process and helps to identify opportunities to fill them up.

six sigma Your Ticket To Increased Profits And Customer Satisfaction: Six Sigma Green Belt Training. Posted By: Judith Kraus It is not difficult to analyze the success of business leaders. Their emphasis on delivering quality products or services clubbed with measures undertaken for cost optimization and profit maximization is what sets them apart from the rest of the competitors. They focus on customer delight and create a unique place for themselves in the market. If you want to be a leader, the best approach would be to analyze and follow the systems implemented by the leader. Once a system is in place it takes care of the smooth functioning of the organization. One of the most popular such business management technique is Six Sigma methodology. The emphasis in this type of strategy is to investigate and nullify defects and errors. It is very cost conscious and aims at minimizing unnecessary costs and thereby resulting in a lot of saving and increased profitability of the business. Implementation of Six Sigma needs continuous cooperation and thorough understanding of every individual’s role towards the achievement of organization’s goal. Hence, an expert advice is required. In order to be successful a much planned implementation of Six Sigma is very essential. Many global leaders such as, Motorola, General Electric etc.

six sigma Lean Six Sigma Consultancy: The Ultimate Destiny In Your Quest For Flawless Quality!! Posted By: Judith Kraus "Six Sigma methodologies", pioneered by the Motorola group gives a new flavor to the term "Quality" by ensuring impeccable business operations with guaranteed customer satisfaction. This process offers a two way advantage where you get to save money on production as well as deliver the best possible quality of products and services to your customers and end users. Our lean six sigma methodology is a business improvement strategy that changes the philosophy of the modus operandi of your company and brings your business to a competitive edge. Some advantageous derivatives in the incorporation of lean six sigma are:- * Helps minimize the total number of defects in any kind of business function or process * Yields great return on investments and reveals drastic improvements in the efficiency of existing procedures * Improves customer satisfaction a thousand fold and helps in building brand loyalty for your company. * Increases your firm’s net income, reduces expenses and trivial expenditures which may sometimes lead to potential losses. * Consistent improvement and enhancement of functions, operations and procedures in any kind of organizational set up. * Suits all business types- corporates, self employed businesses, small scale as well as large scale industries.

six sigma You Deserve The Six-sigma Black Belt Training. Ask For It!! Posted By: Judith Kraus Having your head held high in the world of constant change, cutthroat competition and the ever-rising global demands, one resorts to newer methodologies of staying alive. It is from this kind of a scenario that training needs have emerged, where in, every organization gets to redefine their stand, with a novel approach in this combative world. Looking at a company as a whole there are a number of processes functioning in synchrony with many other that leads to a productive result. To rule out any kind of loop holes where the company seems to be wasting its resources or on the other hand has not been able to bring about the kind of expected manufacturing result, our consultants carve out the best training project for your company. The Six Sigma training is a process that many companies across India have adopted to see that all the processes are in place, negating the unproductive sectors. This is a process where in we conduct an analysis of the various administrative and manufacturing functions of your organization that either deals with goods or services. The various workshops that our consultants administer bring out a framework of the existing situation in the company.

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