Sla Implementation In Kovair

Software Service Level Agreement (.monly known as SLA) is a contract between the service provider (who is offering services) and customer (who is getting services). This contract is set in measurable terms(say, in terms of Time) so that service provider can understand the time limit within which the service needs to be delivered to the customer. Customer can also know the time limit within which the requested service is going to be available. IT Service .anization aims to provide quality service to customers as per their need with the agreed SLA. In Kovair IT Service Management the SLA determines Expected Response Time, and Expected Resolution Time of the service requested by a customer. The Time calculation of SLA depends on the Severity of the Service Request. A more severe Service Request will have less time for Expected Response and Expected Resolution. In the solution, SLAs are defined at a centralized location, from where they will automatically get applied on a service request depending on its severity. A service request can have severity of one of four pre-defined values (Critical, High, Medium and Low). For each value ofseverity, the SLAs are defined with a separate set of Expected Response Time and Expected Resolution Time in terms of minutes. Once a request is submitted with a severity, neither the requester nor the service provider can make any modification in its severity level. Basically, the SLA against a request remains un affected until its fulfillment. Read more about SLA Implementation at wikipedia. Also read more about application lifecycle management here. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: