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Snack industry "Manhanquanxi"! Sohu and has more than more than and 60 stores of the group brought a new trend of tea and catering force in China, that is, the first East China tea pigeon snack monopoly. This shop was opened on the marketable, seven days a week, three meals a day, regardless of wind and rain, or the cold summer, almost every meal is up, is worthy of the name "hot line restaurant, often on the star still popular programs. The tea is to provide full-time tea service, there is always full of guests, it is proud achievements, has won the people’s love, after all snacks taste good and cheap, fashionable and lovely. Mango yellow duck 19 yuan three, once launched on the deep love beauty and the little friends, every one love, well, we are reluctant to eat. But such a beautiful shape, after all is the dessert Oh, also easy to melt with room temperature, so the big white sister: Mango yellow duck while moving, it will melt quickly, gobble down oh. Beef cabbage dumplings 25 yuan three, other beautiful like flowers in full bloom, the snacks are really master these skills are extraordinary as if done by the spirits, called art, with a bite, was surprised to find that filled with soup, entrance when there is explosion pulp, must take advantage of hot hot eat a mouthful is delicious and adventure, autumn, beef cabbage is not met, to indulge?! It’s just the autumn food fairy tale". Taiwan vanilla frozen watermelon sub 16 yuan three, in the face of this dessert, I can only say: Master, you really is creative! In my opinion, this is the world’s first snacks, complete with Watermelon Juice, with lemon color transition, deduce the watermelon skin and flesh, and Taiwan fragrant orchid son mosaic which become the embellishment of watermelon seeds, shape lifelike, taste good, this is the tip of the journey. Crab meat and fruits Mini Egg barrel 33 yuan three, this mood, with the person you love together taste fresh and delicious crab meet, collocation of various seasonal fruits, of course, taste rich layers, soft waxy and crispy forever. Have found that this season the new tea has strong flavor of love, is the fairy tale in autumn is always about love, master of the launch of the heart-shaped Lawei Taro cake 19 yuan three. "Taro cake is the fist product, this made the special skills, is to give more? – young diners" affection "the opportunity? If you want to love, that is go to the tea date. Three cups of COD from 59 yuan, "the evolution of innovation and upgrading Chicken with Three Cups Sauce", love spicy girl handsome and blessed, based on "three cups" add "spicy " taste, COD sizing and" was just perfect, crisp outside, tender taste, wrap "Three Cup" the mystery and magic of the pot encounter pepper, a new dish is on the tongue can not resist the delicious". Listen to everyone to eat, said: delicious, delicious, delicious oh! Exploding brown sugar pack of 9 yuan, to the autumn girl of blood Qi, you know, when the "home to relatives, she.相关的主题文章: