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Sacked state executive office 6 mobile phone number through the interference inspection teams – leading cadres Beijing Gao Qing patrol sword, eradicate state-owned beetle. In October 2015, the Hubei provincial inspection teams have been stationed in 25 provincial state-owned enterprises, with more than 3 months time, the completion of the full coverage of the state-owned enterprises of the special inspection. The special inspection, found a total of 616 problems on the surface, the problem clues of 525. Deal with 1016 letters, calls, text messages, processing 110 visits to the group of 217 people; visited the investigation unit of the 51, the questionnaire survey of 4447 copies of the survey, the survey results of a total of 430. In April this year, the provincial inspection team has been 25 state-owned enterprises feedback patrol problems and opinions, the enterprises are actively rectification. Provincial inspection office responsible comrades said that the special inspections focus on comprehensive strictly, tries to find the provincial leaders of state-owned enterprises corruption and other issues, to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, Pactrometer wrecker escort. Provincial inspection group timely feedback to the relevant departments, at present, there are a number of clues transfer, state-owned enterprise executives for alleged serious disciplinary checked. These state-owned executives corruption problem is how to be found? Recently, I walked into the provincial inspection team, the story behind the interview interview. Changjiang Publishing & media company vice president China should have been expelled from the party, dismissed from public office — during the visit coincided with his party, actually do 6 mobile phone number "remote control" in June 30th this year, the news Hubei Provincial Department of supervision website, has been the major media outlets: Long Jiang party Committee, publishing and media Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager Hua Yingsheng was expelled from the party, dismissed from their alleged crimes and clues to judicial organs according to law. Serious disciplinary problems the Deputy departmental level cadres of state-owned enterprises will eventually surfaced, thanks to the perseverance of the second provincial inspection teams. In mid October last year, the provincial second inspection teams stationed in the Yangtze River Publishing and media companies to carry out inspections. Shortly thereafter, the source of the source should continue to report on China, up to more than 20 pieces, involving 10 aspects. Hua Yingsheng was therefore classified as the focus of the inspection teams. Although China should reflect the problems, but the time span is large, the lack of specific details, verification is not easy. After studying clues carefully, inspection teams went into action, China should have the problem clues gradually clear: illegal reimbursement of expenses such as signing a large number of individual idle away in seeking pleasure welfare housing units allocated to, pay less than my colleagues half of the 1629, low-cost disposal of state-owned assets…… In the course of the problem should be found in China, the inspection team encountered the most difficult to find a problem, is a company in the office of Hua Yingsheng when a comprehensive building renovation project. The tender price of the project is more than 900 yuan, but the settlement price soared to about 90000000 yuan, and the renovation completed for 4 years, has not yet been put into use. The company reacted strongly to the problem, and this happened when Hua Yingsheng was chairman of the company. "This problem is very complex, involving all aspects of professional and strong, with the passage of time, to find out too much difficulty, but our hearts more clearly, the company staff on this matter concerns and expectations is the highest, if to avoid this problem, we have the responsibility to make)相关的主题文章: