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The Sohu video producers conference: new media outlet – from strategic tipping Sohu Wu Xin entertainment awards best beauty from the media who produced "I was a great beauty QUEEN Sohu entertainment news (Xuan third anti flood shadow map) Sohu video produced Congress in Beijing in November 17, 2016 five pine trees held. As a professional video from the media PGC exchange promotion event, Sohu video produced for the video from the media’s network health content of the new outlet, adhere to the "I was produced by Sohu, I tell you the video from the media platform as the theme of the new strategy, a comprehensive layout from the media industry chain platform, promote comprehensive upgrade. Sohu video produced by the people’s Congress of the people’s Square, the producer of the forum, the production of the NPC will be composed of three parts. By showing the scene roadshow, fan interaction, the forum and the awards ceremony and other ways to promote and lead the video content from the media network heyday. As in previous sessions, the general assembly also announced the latest platform strategy to show the style of the producer and issued from the media awards, in recognition of the past six months to break through and innovation. Iron Awards Best Tourism media producer "travelers" producer who produced in this unprecedented dispatch square, the site consists of the beauty of life, the trend of world of entertainment, Coldplay, official cooperation alliance and the four regions, a total of 37 booths. Which includes not only the integrity, no school, runaway comic moment talks, Mars and other well-known cultural producers, and the Sohu’s official video broadcast, VR, panoramic booth sails TeleEye and overseas strategic cooperation product etc.. The Guan Ling awards here in addition to project promotion, publicity platform, fans can see Transformers at the scene, no integrity college super with a sense of collective dance, red sails network anchor of the talent show, as well as from the media producer brought all kinds of wonderful performances, COSPLAY interaction, in the producer booth to participate in the game to collect the fox stamp since the media store exchange gifts, fully meet the fans with producer and interactive user needs major red net. The day of the event, since the media producers, Sohu video organizers, customers, fans, media participants reached the size of thousands of people. After three years of development, Sohu video producer square has become the largest online video media industry from the interactive activities. Platform strategy leading Sohu video producers Forum on "video Sohu strategy to upgrade the layout of a full range of PGC industrial chain" is a main topic, is divided into the platform strategy, product release, and "win-win" from the media business platform etc.. Show 1:BEJ48 singing "Youth" side by side video products technology center Sohu general manager, 56 nets general manager Ma Yi revealed that the Sohu video from the media in the past six months of rapid growth, the number of Sohu has more than 4300 home video from the media, video number more than 1 million 200 thousand, the number of columns reached 26 thousand, 100 million times the number of daily viewing. Watch the daily number of 30 million, the monthly volume of 3 billion broadcast platform. Zheng Tao, director of Sohu video product technology center, 56 Network Editor, said Sohu video from the media as a whole strategic planning is相关的主题文章: