Some administrative divisions in Huaian are adjusted in the Qing Jiangpu district and the Hongze

Huaian administrative divisions adjusted Hongze District Jiangpu District, set up "undo Qinghe District, Qingpu District, located in the administrative area of Qing Jiangpu District, Qingpu District, Qinghe District, the original is the administrative region of Qing Jiangpu District, the revocation of Hongze County, the establishment of the Hongze region, to the original Hongze County administrative region is the administrative region of Hongze the 8 morning, Huaian city administrative divisions adjustment: held the inaugural meeting of the Qing Jiangpu district and Hongze district respectively. After the adjustment of administrative divisions in Huaian, there are 4 counties in Huaian, namely, Jiangpu, Huaian, Huaiyin and Hongze, and 3 counties in Lianshui, Jinhu and Xuyi. The administrative area of the Qing Jiangpu district is 420 square kilometers, with a population of 735 thousand and 900 people, 11 streets, 3 towns and 5 townships. The area of Hongze district administrative area is 1394 square kilometers, with a population of 388 thousand people, 3 streets and 6 towns. The correspondents of the exchange point out that after the adjustment of the administrative division, 1 county administrative systems were reduced in Huaian, which was conducive to streamlining the institutions and reducing the expenditure of administrative funds. Enriching part of the government personnel to the grass-roots line of Township, street, community, etc., is conducive to achieving the downward trend of management focus, reducing management costs and improving administrative service efficiency. After the establishment of the county in Hongze, the layout of Hongze lake shore line will be changed. The Hongze lake should be integrated into the municipal level, unified planning and unified management, and the protection and development of Hongze lake should be promoted, so as to optimize and enhance the ecological environment of the lake area. At the same time, upgrading the Huaian section of the eastern route of the south to North Water Transfer Project to the unified management at the municipal level is conducive to ensuring the safety of water conservancy, shipping safety and the safety of production and living water of 10 million people in Lixia River area. There is a "clear Jiangpu" "Hongze district" two district according to the introduction, the Qinghe District, Qingpu District merged with Jiangpu District, because one is the embodiment of history. Ming Yongle thirteen years (1415), Pingjiang Bo Chen Xuan Shahe river made use of the old gate, the river changed the name "Qingjiang Pu", then become the river name names. "Qingjiang Pu" has a history of more than 600 years and has a rich and long cultural connotation. The two is to respect the public opinion. Qinghe, this is one of the two district Qingpu, geo phase, popularity dates, similar customs and cultural similarity. In the process of land name demonstration, "Qingjiang Pu" as the name of the District, the voices of the masses are the highest, and have been agreed by the experts. The three is to meet the needs. With the success of the inscription on the capital of the Grande Canale and Huaian, the restoration and reconstruction of the scenic spots and historic sites on the two sides of the canal, and the completion and opening of the surrounding blocks and canal museums, Qingjiang Pu scenic spot has become the bright card of the city image of the city and an important window for external display. The use of "Qingjiang Pu" as the district name can quickly improve the reputation and popularity of the new area after the merger. While the use of Hongze District of Hongze county is because Hongze County in 1956 to build the county, the lake set from the lake named "Hongze" as a name has been more than half a century of history, the high degree of approval, continue to use the "Hongze" as the name of the District, not only to the historical heritage, but also retains the memory of the city to the masses. "Two service" convenience of the public work of the Qing Jiangpu district after the establishment of the transition period, the original Qinghe District, Qingpu District Administrative Service Center operation. The Jiangpu district administrative service management office and administrative service center put into operation, by the Qing government in Jiangpu area led the establishment of "transition mechanism of one center and two service points, namely the establishment of the Qing Jiangpu district administrative service center construction work leading group, a clear two administrative service center and the original point of the original Qinghe Qingpu Public Affairs Service Center in reference to the original service mechanism, to provide services in matters of consulting, acceptance and handling, certification and other services. The Hongze district government service center is implemented in the light of the above provisions. The discipline inspection and supervision organization will strengthen the supervision and inspection of the service for the people and ensure the service quality. After the adjustment of administrative divisions, the original citizenship number unchanged, without the need to renew their identity cards; the original booklet of normal use, there is no need to replace. To change the resident identity card address information division adjusted, according to my wishes or renewal of identity cards. When the new administrative district code is determined, the public security department will compile the citizenship number according to the national standard according to the new zoning code. Involved in the original division name Qinghe, Qingpu area for the new domicile within the business, all of the use of "Qing District of Jiangpu". According to the relevant provisions of the new Qing Jiangpu area zip code need to consult with the Provincial Postal Administration in Qingpu District two zip Qinghe, selected as a new zip code. As the letters and parcels are given a detailed address, the daily mailing will not be affected even if the new postcode is not approved. Extended reading music is unlimited: Huaian Industrial Park experimental school received 200 thousand good money

淮安部分行政区划进行调整 清江浦区、洪泽区成立“撤销清河区、清浦区,设立清江浦区,以原清河区、清浦区的行政区域为清江浦区的行政区域,撤销洪泽县,设立洪泽区,以原洪泽县的行政区域为洪泽区的行政区域”,8日上午,淮安市部分行政区划进行调整:清江浦区和洪泽区分别举行了成立大会。淮安少了一个县级行政建制行政区划调整后,淮安市辖清江浦、淮安、淮阴、洪泽4个区和涟水、金湖、盱眙3个县。清江浦区行政区域面积420平方公里,人口73.59万人,辖11个街道、3个镇、5个乡。洪泽区行政区域面积1394平方公里,人口38.8万人,辖3个街道、6个镇。交汇点记者了解到,此次行政区划调整后,淮安市减少1个县级行政建制,有利于精简机构,减少行政经费支出。将部分机关人员充实到乡镇、街道、社区等基层一线,有利于实现管理重心下移,降低管理成本,提高行政服务效能。洪泽撤县建区后,有利于改变洪泽湖岸线分散管理的格局,实现洪泽湖纳入市级层面统一规划、统一管理,推进洪泽湖保护与开发,优化提升湖区生态环境。同时,把南水北调东线工程淮安段提升到市级层面统一管理,有利于保障水利安全、航运安全和里下河地区1000万百姓的生产生活用水安全。有了“清江浦区”“洪泽区”两个新区据介绍,此次将清河区、清浦区合并后使用清江浦区,是因为,一是体现历史。明永乐十三年(1415年),平江伯陈瑄利用旧沙河开河造闸,将河名改为“清江浦”,其后河名成为地名。“清江浦”一名至今已有600多年历史,具有丰富而悠久的文化内涵。二是尊重民意。清河、清浦本为一体,两区地缘相接、人缘相亲、习俗相近、文化相通。在地名论证过程中,“清江浦”作为区名,群众呼声最高,并得到了专家们的一致认可。三是适应需要。随着京杭大运河的申遗成功和运河两岸名胜古迹的恢复重建及周围街区、运河博物馆群的落成开放等,清江浦景区已成为淮安城市形象的亮丽名片及对外展示的重要窗口。使用“清江浦”作为区名,可以迅速提升合并后新区的美誉度和知名度。而洪泽撤县后使用洪泽区是因为洪泽县1956年建县,依湖设置,因湖得名,“洪泽”作为地名已经有了半个多世纪的历史,群众认可度高,继续使用“洪泽”作为区名,既是对历史的传承,也能给群众保留城市记忆。“一个中心两个服务点”方便市民办事清江浦区成立后过渡期内,原清河区、清浦区政务服务中心正常运转。清江浦区政务服务管理办公室和政务服务中心投入运行前,由清江浦区政府牵头建立“一个中心两个服务点”的过渡机制,即成立清江浦区政务服务中心筹建工作领导小组,明确原清河市民中心和原清浦政务服务中心两个政务服务点,参照原有服务机制向服务对象提供进驻事项的咨询、受理、办理、发证等服务。洪泽区政务服务中心参照上述条款执行。纪检监察机关将加强对为民为企服务的监督检查,切实保证服务质量。行政区划调整后,原有公民身份号码不变,居民身份证无需换领;原户口簿正常使用,也无需更换。对于区划调整后居民身份证住址信息发生变化的,可根据本人意愿选择是否换领居民身份证。相关地区新的行政区划代码确定后,新生儿申报出生户口登记时,公安部门将根据新的区划代码,按照国家标准为其编制公民身份号码。对新办理的原清河、清浦区域内户籍业务中涉及到区划名称的,全部使用“清江浦区”。根据有关规定,新成立清江浦区的邮编需向省邮政管理局请示,在清河、清浦两区邮编中选择一个作为新的邮编。由于信件、包裹都会注明详细地址,即使在新邮编未批复的情况下,日常邮寄也不会受到影响。扩展阅读 乐志愿爱无限:淮安工业园区实验学校获赠20万善款相关的主题文章: