Stephen Chow Tsui Hark teamed up with the west demon volts set file 2017 Lunar New Year’s Day-mkdv-02

Stephen Chow Tsui Hark teamed up with "the west" demon volts set file 2017 Lunar New Year’s Day "journey to the west" posters help demon time Reuters in October 24th by Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark together to create a movie "journey to the west" demon volts released fixed gear posters, officially announced for the first time will stall the Lunar New Year’s day, will determine the national release in January 28, 2017. "Stephen Chow king of comedy" to "martial arts king" Tsui Hark, "the king finally see the king" the combination of joining the Spring Festival to create films at the same time, another two people love journey. The movie also first published by Wu Yifan, Chen Yao, Lin Yun Lin update, Bao Beier, Battelle, Yang Yiwei, Wang Likun, Wang Duo, Zhang Meie, Mirs, composed of the lineup. The movie "the west" demon volts as the 2013 Stephen Chow film "· West story"; subsequent JiangMo, on probation period of Miss Zang kill monkey in the set, and received it as apprentice, and monkey, pig and Friar sand, a line of mentoring four embark on a trip to the west. The road is dangerous, in addition to the demon volts, has also been mentoring four growth and change in the process of their pilgrimage. Four years ago, "· West;" drop the article in the mainland box office gains of 1 billion 246 million, dominate when the Spring Festival, a new pattern of opening China Spring Festival stalls. The "journey to the west" as the official sequel V demon Stephen Chow Story Journey to the west, the same people look forward to the Spring Festival Performance in 2017 stalls. "The west" demon volts by Xu Kehe Stephen Chow to create the "Westward Journey" demon volts is following the Spring Festival this year. Stephen Chow directed film "Mermaid" Tsui Hark guest performances, two directors again more depth cooperation. Whether it is "God of cookery", "king of comedy", "Shaolin Soccer" and "Kung Fu", "West · JiangMo", "Mermaid"; "or" true colour of a hero series, "ghost story" series, "The Legendary Swordsman" series, "Huang Feihong" series, "Di Ren Jay" series, "taking tiger" — the two directors and other films have created countless classic Chinese film "Stephen Chow, the king of comedy" and "Kung Fu King" Tsui Hark two king, a "King finally see the king" the combination of the strength. Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark set exchange and formal exposure in the "West" demon volts cast, by Wu Yifan, Battelle, Yang Yiwei, Lin update and Wang Duo composed of mentoring combination, not only has high value and high altitude Yan, have reached the height of 1 meters, an average of 90, it is a "high." West master file. In addition, as a good comedy for the strength of the actors Chen Yao, Babel, Peng, and Stephen Chow cooperation with "Mermaid" are well known Lin Yun, and was named Tsui Hark starred in the drama version of "qijianxiatianshan" Wang Likun, also appeared in the movie "the west" demon volts cast collocation, fresh surprise. Stephen Chow, Tsui Hark in the film the tune how fresh and exciting journey acts.相关的主题文章: