Sterilisation Standerds At Scientific Dental

Dental-Care It is a great concern for those patients who are traveling from distant parts of the world to India for dental treatment or dental implant treatment . We follow the international standards in sterilization. USING DISPOSABLE INSTRUMENTS Many of the .monly used items are disposable and hence transmission on .municable diseases cannot happen. For eg the suction tips, suction tubing’s, syringes, gloves, patient drapes, impression trays, are some of the disposable items to be mentioned. AUTOCLAVING Expensive surgical instruments are sterilized using a technique called autoclaving. This a high pressured steam chamber where is instruments are placed for a specified temperature to kill all the micro organisms including their spores. There are different cycles which are incorporated by the manufacturer of autoclaves. Usually the temperature is 121 degree Celsius under 15 pounds of pressure is one re.mended cycle. The autoclave manufacturer also provides test strips to check the efficiency of the autoclaving. We in our clinic insert a test strip with all autoclaving cycles to make sure the cycle is perfect. Remember boiling water has only 100 degree Celsius temperature and it does not kill the spores of the bacteria. Just placing instruments in boiling water in insufficient. COLD STERLISATION Those instruments which cannot be subjected to such high temperature at high pressure are subjected to cold sterilization. There are time tested liquids used for this. 5% sodium hypochlorite is one such liquid used. Instruments are immersed in this liquid for 20 minutes effectively sterilizes instruments. USE OF DISINFECTENTS .monly touched areas are frequently painted with disinfectants to keep the area clean. Table tops, door handles, switches, water taps ECT are cleaned like this. USE OF DISPOASABLE PLASTIC WRAPPERS Dental chair, light handle, electric codes ect are wrapped in plastic covers while treating the patient and this covers are disposed off after each surgery. New covers are replaced for each new case. This is a very effective step is maintain the cleanliness ULTRA SOUND BATH Those instruments which are autoclaved will pass through an ultrasound cleaning chamber for the minute debris to be cleaned by sound waves. The chamber contains a cleaning solution and specified cycles is very efficient for cleaning minute debris especially the drills used in implant surgery. PERIODIC CULTURE OF WATER IN CONTAINERS We use only drinking water in water chambers attached to the dental chairs and hence it is .pletely safe even if patient swallow the water during treatment. Regular culturing of the water samples from this containers are done rule out any bacterial growth. IMMUNISATION OF ALL STAFFS All the clinical staffs are immunized against blood born diseases which have available vaccinations. GLASS BEAD STERILISATION, FORMALIN CHAMBER, ULTRAVIOLATE INSTRUMENT CHABER, ECT are other equipments used in our clinic. The clinic regularly updates scientific advancement in the field of sterilization and frequently attends conferences and exhibitions to procure latest machineries for effective sterilization. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: