Structural synthesis of the world’s smallest artificial virus flexible to adapt to the different siz-candy boy

The world’s smallest man-made virus structure: synthesis of a man-made virus to adapt to the structure of newly synthesized packages with different size gene researchers in the United Kingdom, the diameter is far less than the existing natural and man-made virus virus, is expected to play a practical value in the field of gene therapy. Researchers at institutions in the UK’s national physical laboratory in the latest issue of "Journal of American Chemical Society," the report said, is the main feature of this study, researchers in the synthesis of the artificial virus structure process, without the use of a large and complex structure of the protein to produce virus shell, but a very short protein pieces to be assembled. According to the British National Laboratory of physics, the diameter of the artificial virus structure is only 12 nanometers (equal to one meter of 1 nm), is the world’s smallest known virus in a. In addition, the artificial virus structure is more flexible, flexible to adapt to the parcel of different sizes of genes. The researchers said that in the future can be used as a carrier of the artificial virus structure, the size of the gene package, which safely transported the gene to human cells, and no side effects. Gene therapy is a new medical technology, which refers to the introduction of foreign genes into the target cells to correct or compensate for genetic defects and diseases caused by abnormal. The virus cannot replicate itself, and when it comes to the host cell, it is stripped of its protein shell and injected its own genetic material into the host cell. In recent years, the researchers hope that by simulating the virus infected host cells, the use of artificial virus structure as a carrier for gene therapy.相关的主题文章: