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Sun Zhongshan Song Qingling: always keep marriage Book debut couples like Sun Zhongshan. JINGWAH Times reporter Wang Haixin photo original title: Sun Zhongshan Song Qingling marriage Book Bright Xiangguo Bo JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Ran) at 10 yesterday morning, Chinese National Museum hosted the "Avenue Line — the whole world as one community to commemorate the 150 anniversary of Sun Zhongshan large collection exhibition grand opening. Mr. Sun Zhongshan is an outstanding patriot and national hero, the great forerunner of the Chinese democratic revolution. On the occasion of the 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan, China launched the "National Museum Avenue — for the whole world as one community to commemorate the 150 anniversary of Sun Zhongshan large collection exhibition". Exhibition of 326 pieces of cultural relics and precious historical photos, of which the first exhibition of cultural relics 72. The exhibits include Sun Zhongshan Song Qingling, Sun Zhongshan marriage pledge through the suit, provisional president of the Republic of China Sun Zhongshan to send Sun Zhongshan to the Senate documents, Huang Xing’s letters, Sun Zhongshan appointed Yang Shukan as governor of Guangdong, Sun Zhongshan’s special shaped hand group of "national government" outline the founding script, Sun Zhongshan speech recording, Sun Zhongshan of the Whampoa  military academy school precepts other precious relics. At the same time, there are also the new Tibetan sculpture of the famous sculptor Ceng Zhushao, "Mr. Sun Zhongshan". The exhibition includes "a republic" "great changes" and "two parts, calligraphy ink" and "correspondence" handwriting "revolutionary" fundraising "important relics" and "appointment book" "precious pictures" and "eternal memory" seven topics, mainly reflecting the historic change of Mr Sun Zhongshan overthrew the feudal imperial Republic, a Russian Union aid workers and peasants realize the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the witness, Mr. Sun Zhongshan for national independence, social progress and people’s well-being, all striving history, cherish the memory of his outstanding contribution to the cause of Chinese democratic revolution. Exhibition from November 8th to December 4th in the North China eleven exhibition hall in National Museum. Related links in October 25, 1915, Sun Zhongshan and Song Qingling in Japan Tokyo marriage, they commissioned the Japanese lawyer and Tian Rui, signed the marriage vows in finishing the registration book. The contents are as follows: the Sun Wen and Song Qinglin marriage, and made the following oath: first, as soon as possible in accordance with procedures for formal marriage law Chinese. Two, the future will always maintain the relationship between husband and wife, work together to enhance mutual happiness. Three, in case of a violation of this oath, even under any legal sanctions, in society, nor have any objection; and in order to maintain the reputation of their relatives, even if any party taken shall not have any complaints. The article is in front of a witness and Tian Rui their oath, vow to fulfill the Department and also from the assistance to Tian rui. The pledge made three copies: covenanter each have one another in the hands of a witness. The pledge of Sun Wen (Chapter) Song Qinglin and Tian Rui (Chapter) witness the October 26, 1915 sun song during the Anti Japanese War, two people lost pledge, 1962 China collection to a museum of history, after the 2 Song Qingling相关的主题文章: