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Superman tells the embryo that thing – Yang Shujun Ni Xiaoxia, Sohu health, Jia Huaping, Liang Huize, PLA No.306 Hospital, Department of medical ultrasound brand quality management office (by experts) look at Superman editor the fertilized egg is like a seed, to grow into a healthy baby, will undergo a series of complex and wonderful process. If problems arise during the initial stages of development, such as the absence of a good bud, a problem with the mother, or a viral infection, it may stop growing. This occurs in the early stages of embryo development called "embryo abortion". Embryo abortion is different from abortion in the second trimester and late pregnancy. The first thing to note is that in most cases, it is not necessary to have an abortion. In January, more than a little fetal bud menopause, no pulse tube, according to statistics, 10%~18% pregnancy ended in spontaneous abortion, most of which occurred in the early embryo, and the upward trend in recent years, if not detected early, will endanger the mother’s health. The general clinical obstetrics examination in early pregnancy is difficult to determine whether the survival of embryos, ultrasound as a noninvasive diagnostic tool, according to the gestational sac growth, embryo development and fetal heart beat signs, a comprehensive evaluation of the embryonic activity, early diagnosis of embryo has important clinical value. After 10 days, a little fetal bud, still no pulse tube diagnosis embryo ultrasound abdominal scan, then pregnant supine position, proper filling of bladder after bladder filling; such as not satisfied or urgent, can transvaginal ultrasound scan. The ultrasonic inspection, the first step is to determine whether intrauterine pregnancy, and then focus on location, size, capsule tension, no yolk sac, embryo and fetal heart beat of pregnancy, when necessary, need to determine the gestational sac around or near the uterine artery localmuscle spectrum. Embryo, pregnancy sac appeared different degree of deformation, the growth rate of decline or gestational sac surrounding the gestational sac effusion deformation; peritrophoblastic / retroplacental flow velocity were not significantly increased, blood flow resistance is also no downward trend appeared; the yolk sac is closely related to early embryonic development, the yolk sac absent or abnormal size the poor prognosis showed that embryo. Transvaginal ultrasound, menopause 35-37 days can often show the yolk sac; transabdominal sonography, menopause 42~45 days can often show the yolk sac. The prognosis of yolk sac diameter is 10 mm, and the prognosis is not good when the yolk sac is not displayed, less than 3 mm, the deformation and the strong echo in the interior. There is a broad consensus and guideline for ultrasound diagnosis of embryo development, which can be standardized in accordance with the following diagnostic procedures. In January more than fetal bud menopause, long diameter 0.5 mm, no pulse tube after 10 days, embryo bud length of 0.4 mm in diameter, still no pulse tube, ultrasonic diagnosis standard of embryo to embryo by abdominal ultrasonography: (1) the embryo length is less than or equal to 9 mm, no pulse tube 7~10 days were still careless embryo tube pulse diagnosis; (2) the embryo length of more than 9 mm, no pulse tube or gestational sac average diameter > 25.相关的主题文章: