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Sports-and-Recreation Family vacations can be very stressful unless you plan in advance and make sure that all members of the family will have enough fun activities to do when going on a camping trip. Children under the age of three will be very difficult to care for during a camping trip and one parent will have to miss out on family activities such as hiking and canoeing because these are not activities that young children should participate in. Before planning a camping trip, decide whether your children are old enough to enjoy it. Children from about four up to nine years old, can often enjoy easy forest hiking, or riding in a slow boat with life preservers with an adult monitoring them. Playing on a sandy shoreline may also be alright, as long as they are never left by themselves on the beach. While you are planning, it is good idea to choose a campground that has activities for children in different age groups or one that is located near such activities. Make reservations for boats, horseback riding lessons, and other activities that may require them in advance.This will save you time and will also give you a good idea of how to plan your days. Another easy way to find some family activities is if the campground is located near a small town, find out about family friendly activities that are available. Many small towns are rich with history and will be able to entertain your entire family. Keeping your children entertained while you are driving in the car will reduce the stress immensely. It is a good idea to pack plenty of books, music, DVDs and simple games on pads or mag.ic boards for your children to do. That will keep their attention for several hours, and will help reduce fights and other incidents while on the road. After spending a long time sitting in a seat, children need to be able to get up and stretch their legs. Be sure to make frequent stops for bathroom breaks and let them have a few minutes to walk or move around. The children will be more content and less inclined to be cranky this way. Adults will also enjoy these breaks. When planning a camping trip, do not about the adults in the group. Make sure that there are plenty of fun activities for them to do as well. That way everyone has something to smile and laugh about. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: