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Suzhou: walk in Mudu town enjoy a long time – Sohu tourism here is Qian Longdi to six place here is a garden style unique "garden town" here is hidden in a hundred years ago the private story here is the Suzhou Mudu town is located in Suzhou City, southwest of the town of Mudu, with the ancient town of Suzhou as a long history, it is the mountain building, built Bangshui, south of the Yangtze River is the only China garden town. Along the main street of Shantangjie Street, arranged a series of classical gardens, a stream of Xiangxi, in the smart and beautiful. The fame of the Mudu, Ming and Qing dynasties all over the places of historic interest and scenic beauty, as many as more than and 20 private gardens, including Yan gardens, Bangyan mansion, her drink mountain room, Gusong Park Gardens, collection of exquisite and elegant garden of Suzhou. No wonder the Qianlong emperor, I will not miss the visit here, today with the footsteps of history, a hundred years into the garden, realize the lost beauty and leisure. Yan Family’s garden ___________ in many gardens in Mudu Town, first of all to Yan gardens Wangjiaqiao number north of Shantangjie Street, this is the famous town in the largest garden, garden art of the highest. It was during the reign of the Qing Dynasty in Suzhou, Shen Deqian’s home famous poems. In 1902, the richest Yan Guoxin (Taiwan Mudu dignitaries Mr. Yan Jiagan’s grandfather) bought the park, and invited the architect Yao Chengzu to carry out renovation work, because the master surnamed Yan, the local people call "Yan Family’s garden". Yan home garden has been built for more than 200 years, a total of experienced the three generation of masters, came here, you can feel the vicissitudes of life, but also to experience a cultural accumulation. Yan Family’s garden of the main building in the foyer, Yibin hall, Shang Xiantang, Ming is the floor and balcony floor is the hall for agriculture, Suzhou rare Ming nanmu hall, has a history of 400 years. The hall building wide and bright, show their solemn character and character; and park construction is exquisite and lively, well-proportioned, show the superb craftsmanship of gardening. The Yan Family’s garden is composed of four small scenic spots, is to build in the spring and summer, autumn and winter four seasons, with a rockery, bluestone, pond, forest scene decoration, with the Suzhou special garden landscape, visitors bring endless visual enjoyment. Every window, every door, can feel different beauty. Tips: single fare: 40¥ her drink mountain room has a "___________ mountain scenery beauty pond Pavilion flowers wins," said her drink mountain room, is the early years of the Qing Dynasty scholar Xu Shiyuan Mudu private garden. It is said that the Qing Emperor Qianlong Jiangnan, 6 times to go all in Mudu Xiangxi, rainbow drink mountain door landing, more in this theatre, tea, meal. Attendant, Ying’s ministers, such as Liu Yong, Ji Xiaolan, and? Have been staying in this hotel. Rainbow drink mountain room most central is magnificent ancient stage — Chunhui building, courtyard open architecture, cornices, stands. Dongyuan small hidden garden is a generation of embroidery queen Shen Shou’s home; Xiyuan show the wild garden, both Jiangnan gardens and beautiful gardens north Li, now is the imperial collection to Mudu相关的主题文章: