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Taiwan media: in the past 21 years the strongest typhoon will over 11 counties in Taiwan – warning Beijing Beijing in September 14, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News", "China times" reported that the Taiwan 21 years to early warning on the strongest typhoon "Meranti" raids, in northern Taiwan, Yilan, 11 counties included in Taiwan range. Today to tomorrow morning, is the most intense period of the typhoon, the Taiwan Meteorological Bureau in Yilan, Pingtung, Kaohsiung has released a special report heavy rain, Hualian, Taitung released large heavy rain, and with tomorrow, "Meranti" away, followed by the typhoon "malakas" and gradually approaching, for fear of bringing rain north. 11 counties heavy rain warning to prevent "Meranti" storm in late yesterday hit the Hengchun Peninsula, Taiwan Eastern first, East (Hualian, Taitung), Yilan, Hengchun and other places significant rain, typhoon center is expected today in the morning after the southern tip of Taiwan coastal waters, the rain also gradually south diffusion potential. The weather bureau in Taitung, Hualian, Pingtung, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Chiayi, Yunlin, Nantou, Taichung, Changhua, Penghu and other 11 counties and the Hengchun Peninsula issued warning, Taichung City in Nanxian should pay special attention to. Taipei basin fear 9 strong gust of wind today in northern and central Taiwan is relatively small in feeling, intermittent showers, occasional strong winds. Among them, Taipei basin topography, there may be 8 to 9 strong wind, people will collect items, do not put in the balcony; central Taiwan by mountains inland rain shelter, the leeward side is not obvious, even the sun’s opportunity. According to the Weather Bureau forecast nearly 24 hour accumulated rainfall, rain Hualian, Taitung mountain may reach 600 mm, Pingtung, Kaohsiung mountain rainfall is 500 mm; ground part, Orchid Island, green island, Pingtung, Hualian, the Hengchun Peninsula and Taitung, the most rainfall reached 400 mm, the fear of. Especially during the spring tide falls, weather bureau to remind the low-lying coastal regions should prevent flooding and saltwater intrusion. The typhoon "Meranti", Taoyuan District line 20 River 14 days Kaohsiung City sidewalk warning has closed, so as not to endanger the safety of the river rose by passers-by. (photo: Taiwan "Central News Agency") Orchid Island green moment gust 17 winds this morning in Orchid Island, the island was the strongest, instantaneous gusts could reach 17, Hengchun Peninsula 15, Taitung 12, Pingtung 11, Kaohsiung, Hualian, respectively 10 and 9. As the typhoon gradually away from the island, have the opportunity to escape the storm tomorrow morning, tomorrow evening after the sea will be released early warning. However, the Weather Bureau forecast center forecaster Hong Zhensheng pointed out, away from the storm, peripheral circulation still bring a lot of water, so that tomorrow Taiwan Eastern and southern regions continued to rain, but the rain will be slowed down than today, the rest are local short showers. The weather bureau engenheiro Luo Ya Yin pointed out that the "maximum wind moranti" center reached 60 meters per second, has gone beyond the "NEPARTAK" 58 meters per second, as since 1995, the land police released during the strongest typhoon, absolutely can not ignore its power. Meteorological experts Wu Derong said, "Meranti" can be said to be.相关的主题文章: