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Taiwan veteran Gao Binghan: new network constantly cutting feelings can not stop the way home – to feel the cultural roots with grandchildren "Mom and Dad, my wife, daughter, granddaughter, granddaughter brought today, see you home!" In July 4, 2016, Shandong high Sun Zhuang, Heze, Taiwan 81 year old veteran Gao in the parent’s grave, repeatedly told granddaughters, always remember that this is their "roots". Gao Binghan with his family ancestral worship Gao Binghan: a total of four grandchildren, I think the rest of life, let them back, know where my grandpa, Grandpa where. Gao was born in Heze Shandong, at the age of 13 with fellow to Taiwan at the age of 56, first set foot on the journey to return home. Many people’s understanding of the old man came from CCTV’s 2012 annual awards ceremony in china. The shallow, curved moon. A letter, a ticket, a lifetime to miss. Feel bitter but apart, near Xiang know Sweet home." This is China moved the Organizing Committee for the 2012 annual "moved China" figure — Gao grant awards. Since the Taiwan authorities open to residents of their relatives on the mainland, Gao by some fellow’s last words, will be Taiwan veterans ashes back to their hometown for burial. Over the past 20 years, he has the obligation to bring more than 100 veterans of Taiwan ashes back to the mainland. Gao Binghan: in my mind, your brother is still alive, not dead. I hug you although the remains, but as China moved the last sentence, I hold an altar and altar, but not the veterans remains full of nostalgia. Gao Binghan will bring the ashes of veterans because of veterans family full of nostalgia for Gao they lived in Taiwan for half of the old man, go home, became a big thing. Gao said that over the past couple of years, frequent exchanges between the two sides of the Strait, he would have to go back to the mainland at least two times a year, once in the spring, once in the fall. Spring is back as the son, pay homage to their parents; and the autumn, is to go to Qufu to attend the memorial ceremony. But this year, he changed his day to July. Gao Binghan: take your grandchildren back during the summer vacation. Because they did not come to the mainland, they did not come to my hometown Heze. (they want) to know China culture, to see the Yellow River, see Konglin, Confucian Temple, Taishan, Liangshan outlaws of the marsh. Reporter: these things are their textbooks, or their teaching materials? Gao Binghan: there are. Reporter: there are practical and see, what do you think is not the same? Gao Binghan: they think it’s Chinese, it’s not like Taiwan. Just follow me TV station in Ji’nan City, the reporter asked the 10 year old granddaughter, "you are Chinese?" She said, "I am not, my grandfather is Chinese, I am taiwanese." Reporter: you heard her this reaction, what do you respond? Gao Binghan: I am the heart is bitter, very bitter. Reporter: bitter? Gao Binghan: because I now feel a little sense of powerlessness, because they are four people, it can be said that now is a small Taiwan independence. .相关的主题文章: