Tan Weiwei ” back home ” mango Mid Autumn Festival singing small river water polartec

Tan Weiwei " return " mango mid autumn sing "Creek drips water" the Sina entertainment news tonight (September 15th) Hunan TV Festival party, singer Tan Weiwei [micro-blog] back to his dream of sailing the stage of Hunan satellite TV, a song sung again when the "Creek drips water", ten years as Pronto, Tan Weiwei smiled and said he sang the "return", and Hunan TV’s "family" reunion festival. Once called "old girls" Tan Weiwei in the song, the return to Hunan TV this "dream place to start," more cordial, dressed in a dark blue suit sequins short dress and appearance, with folk style full of embellishment to the belt, Tan Weiwei Chinese and Western dress debut. In two with singer chorus from Yi and the singer, with around two complement each other in national dress Tan Weiwei folk style. An old song "Creek drips water" not only sings the deep affection, this song has a special meaning for Tan Weiwei. In 2006 the "Super Girls" on the stage, Tan Weiwei is a green hand with this song "Creek drips water" caused concern, and with the continuous efforts to open up the ten years of career. Ten years after the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, Tan Weiwei once again stand on the Hunan TV Mid Autumn Festival Gala, sang the familiar song that year, everything just happened yesterday. And experienced ten years of growth and transformation of Tan Weiwei, is now a more confident attitude hold live. Tan Weiwei said that he is very happy to be back to the mango in the Mid Autumn Festival on the stage show, "ten years ago I unsuspectingly station singing the song here, ten years later I was in ‘back home’ mood here. The Mid Autumn Festival is a day of reunion, I went back to the power I officially entered the music of the "home" of Hunan satellite TV, it is a kind of unity and happiness. On this special day, I hope all of you can stay with the person I love the most." (commissioning editor: Landscape)相关的主题文章: