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Taobao VR online shopping channel, can start the first VR electricity supplier? Sohu, science and technology in the past twenty years, e-commerce giant Amazon, Alibaba, eBay gave birth to tens of billions of billions of dollars so straight, but there is no doubt that the electronic commerce reached a new crossroads. From the global pattern of electricity providers, the three companies almost up market share of global e-commerce most, followed by Alipay, "Paypal" rampant global payment market new pattern, the short term, this pattern will continue; logistics level, gradually promote the warehousing robot, sorting robot and unmanned delivery machine the electronic business platform, greatly enhance the operational efficiency; and the technology platform level, from the PC era to the era of mobile Internet, e-commerce consumer more and more low threshold, experience is also escalating. It also raises a question: when the basic saturation of the smart phone, the user experience in the electricity supplier will usher in what changes? The answer may be a lot, but VR (virtual reality) is definitely a popular alternative answers, and Taobao will also be launched in the dual eleven VR shopping channel. Why VR can be combined with the electricity supplier? The electronic commerce based on the traditional business of online transactions, and with the rapid development of the Internet has become a mainstream shopping mode. However, whether it is the era of PC mobile Internet era or the so-called era of the Internet of things, the interaction between the user and the product does not change the nature of the essence is still stay in the text + picture + video stage. VR offers the opportunity for such changes, especially in this time node in 2016. January 14th, Goldman Sachs released a 58 page report outlook VR industry prospects that VR devices will become the next computer, mobile computing platform. With Facebook’s Oculus, SONY Playstation, HTC Vive as the representative of the C terminal hardware sale, greatly stimulated the rapid development of the VR market, users, developers and content platform also began active. VR business based on the use of computer to form a new virtual environment, through a variety of sensing devices users immerse in the environment, to achieve the perception of interaction between virtual goods online and users, so that the original dull merchandise display becomes touch touch, this to improve the user experience, enhance the store (business platform) sales of great significance. The major electricity supplier platform, of course, will not give up this opportunity. In March 2016, Alibaba announced the establishment of VR (virtual reality) laboratory, and for the first time disclosed VR group strategy, combined with the electricity supplier and VR priority, and to focus on the way at the same time, Ali platform, synchronous push VR content and hardware incubator cultivation. July, the laboratory developed Buy+ virtual reality shopping experience in the product creation section of Taobao open to the public. In the upcoming double eleven, VR shopping venue will be officially unveiled, with the help of mobile phones and similar Taobao G.相关的主题文章: