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Tencent location services to the front desk BAT another war? Sohu technology Sohu science and technology Cui Peng September 22nd afternoon, Tencent released a new position Tencent services. And for the first time to join the forum of location-based services Tencent open platform conference. Ma Huateng has made this year’s earnings report LBS, cloud services, payment and security is the future of Tencent’s four core business, the LBS business to the front desk is the result of the integration of Tencent internal business. Tencent Inc Vice President Ma said that the Tencent? Location service currently has more than 45 billion times the average daily positioning calls, in-depth application in the mobile phone WeChat, QQ, Jingdong, travel, etc. many new drops have a leading position in their respective industries products, the ecological wisdom of large data based on the position, "it can be said each user in the mobile phone location service Tencent". Tencent in the future will open its location service capabilities, massive location data and intelligent autopilot computing technology, in the form of industry solutions to partner open. After Baidu and Ali were around the business sector has established LBS, Tencent also joined the fray high-profile. For now, Tencent has been in O2O, logistics, intelligent travel, police security and sports health and other fields to achieve a targeted solution: 1.O2O industry solutions. For example, with U.S. cooperation in a single client link, accurate positioning of Tencent location service can provide 99.99% support link in the room service, Tencent location services can help businesses achieve anti scalping, and intelligent planning delivery routes. 2 logistics industry solutions. In the case of cooperation between Tencent and Jingdong, Jingdong’s logistics system using Tencent location services, the efficiency of its pre sorting further improved by 9%. 3 intelligent travel industry solutions. In the case of drops of behavior, the driver received a single line after the same service can allow passengers to see the location of the driver and specific navigation routes. 4 police security solutions. Provide location services through the Tencent regional thermodynamic diagram and position flow trend and personnel migration analysis, social hot map and street maps and other functions, together with the police in the region to achieve real-time monitoring of thermodynamic diagram. 5 sports health industry solutions. Determine the current position, calculate the speed of motion, record the trajectory, etc.. Tencent location services can provide high quality and convenient support for developers, high-precision positioning to achieve accurate tracking of changes in user location records. In addition to the government and large enterprises five kinds of solutions, services for small and medium-sized Tencent position micro businesses launched a "landlord" authentication service, the service launched by the joint Tencent NavInfo, help businesses position correction and new annotation. Concerned about the location of Tencent service public number, the merchant can maintain their own store information through the public number of Tencent location service. After examination and approval of the store information will be used in the location service platform of Tencent in the scene, at the same time can provide the user location, store display, store to guide and spatio-temporal data analysis services for businesses, improve the user from the Online to Offline door.相关的主题文章: