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Thailand Deputy king Pamas the elder monk led a delegation to visit the State Bureau of religious affairs and the Buddhist Association of Yinshun monk airport deputy director Nirupama J Te warmly welcome Pamas elder Jiang Jianyong a deputy director of the elders forum to exchange Jiang Jianyong on behalf of the Complaints Bureau presented Pamas long Lao Li PA Thomas provided material presented National Bureau elders Gift Photo brothers Xue Cheng monk and Pamas family elders provided cordial handshake to visit Longquan Thailand Buddhism temple visit Xian two robot friendly discussion Longquan Temple photo September 4, 2016 afternoon, by the Thailand vice king Pamas the elder monk (Phraprommasith) led the Thailand Buddhist delegation arrived in Beijing on his six day visit to china. Palmas provided a visit by Chinese elders, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Hainan Province, President of the Buddhist Association of Shenzhen City, President of the Buddhist Association, Shenzhen Temple Abbot Yinshun monk accompanied, Chinese has called on the State Bureau of religious affairs and the Buddhist Association of China and Thailand have China, Buddhist culture and the development of cooperation and exchange; it will go to Hubei to Suizhou Hongshan Jionji, in Palmas provided Chinese Buddhist teacher elder elders Hwan’s 110 birthday anniversary will be. Palmas provided the elders in China has repeatedly visits, and in the Shenzhen Temple connection to Buddhist Dean Huan Presbyterian, India and Farmington "". In October 17, 2014, Palmas provided elders had led a delegation to Suizhou to visit Hongshan Ci’en temple. The temple is the history of the temple, Yinshun monk at the temple abbot. In May 31, 2015, Thailand Bangkok Jinshan Temple Temple held for 232 years and put up a celebration of the elders Palmas, Yinshun monk invited Pro Book "Abbot" plaque, and personally led a delegation to congratulate him. Two Thai Buddhist master of Huayi, the remarkable. The monk king Pamas accompanied Thailand vice elders visiting: Thailand national religious culture at the vice chairman Phasuthalerd Apidaj, director of the Joint Council for the promotion of Asian community Secretary Phasuthalerd Artidtiya, Thailand Narong Songarom, Chiang Mai Bureau of religious affairs Miao Fangzhang Phrasakayaputtiyawong, Wat Soonthorn, Zheng Wang, deputy Phraphiphatwaraphon Dhammatana Temple Abbot monk king Khamma Phrasrikunaphorn, deputy consultant monk Wang Secretary Kirunyaphisutthikul Phramaha Kaweesilp. Visit to the National Bureau of the afternoon of September 5th, Beijing Baiyun blue sky, especially bright and sunny. Shichahai is a beautiful picturesque shore, the breeze willow, the water is clear, such as water. The old man and his wife drove to the State Administration of religious affairs at the Shichahai. Jiang Jianyong, deputy director of the speech, welcome to Thailand, vice president of the king’s visit to the elders of the Chinese delegation to visit China, Pamas. He said: "so good in the early autumn season, we welcome in Beijing vice monk Wang Ge, I on behalf of the Complaints Bureau and director Wang Zuoan, expressed a warm welcome! Last year, I and Yinshun monk went to Thailand to participate in the completion ceremony of Sukhothai Prefecture, Huan temple, and made a special trip)相关的主题文章: