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The 1 broomsticks 1 rag 1 scissors Huzhou 7 years old Zhonghun in Shou Deqing Huzhou City Longshan Dasan martyrs cemetery ridge half century, often can see such a man: he used a broom, a piece of cloth, a pair of scissors, guarding the day in and day out of eighteen martyrs souls of the mountain. The old man called Cai Yongfa, from the 60s and 70s of last century, he insisted on the obligation to defend the park. For half a century, he has told the story of more than 20 thousand martyrs. The 76 year old Cai Yongfa is an ordinary Deqing Longshan primary school retired teacher. Longshan eighteen martyrs deeds, is small when he heard from his father in the mouth, the sacrifice in the liberation of Deqing in the battle of the martyrs, many people did not leave even the name, even the remains were hastily buried in Longshan Shi Zhai Cun a temple near the hills on the slope. "When my father told me to remember these martyrs, because a good day today, was purchased with their blood." Cai Yongfa said that although heard unsuspectingly, but he firmly remember his father’s orders. In 60s and 70s, the village agreed, Cai Yongfa organized a group of members of the youth in the village, with the basket, iron rakes, hoes, mausoleums of the Longshan Village Dasan Ling crude made careful maintenance. The continuation of the young martyr worship, he also visited the old soldiers and by collecting historical data, detailed data recovery "the battle of the eighteen martyrs and longshan. That was when he began duty Shou Ling, and promised to always be the souls of the martyrs. After retiring in 2002, Cai Yongfa to devote more time to the cemetery in the guardian, Gesanchaiwu to cemetery cleaning leaves; bamboo block line of sight, he will timely pruning; winter solstice, Qingming festivals, he is often the first to the martyrs cemetery grave, and then to his ancestors grave memorial. In 2013, the martyrs cemetery renovation project started, he waited at the construction site every day, the construction quality supervision. Now, Wu Luo Road cemetery located on the side of the Longshan Pine Ridge Mountain martyrs, a wild profusion of vegetation. In addition to the guardian of the cemetery, Cai Yongfa also serves as a voluntary cicerones. Every time someone comes to the memory of the martyrs, he has the obligation to explain. In recent years, more and more ordinary people will be here as the red base memory of martyrs, the child’s education. "Let more people know them, remember them, I’m happy." Cai Yongfa told reporters.相关的主题文章: