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The 2016 Hurun Report released yesterday   treasure to Yao Zhenhua as a "dark horse" – Anhui Channel – according to voice of the economy, "the world of finance" reported that the 2016 Hurun Report released yesterday. 62 year old Wang Jianlin to wealth of $215 billion, the third time to become the richest man in China, Ma ranked in the top second, Ma Huateng, third. Yao Zhenhua as a "dark horse" this year’s "dark horse" is the treasure group Yao Zhenhua, he to the wealth of 115 billion yuan, up from 200 last year to more than fourth this year, his wealth a week on average growth of 2 billion. This reflects a new model of wealth accumulation: capital operation and financial investment, Mr Hu Run said. Report: 20 years ago, wealth creation mode mainly by trade, and is the manufacturing industry, is to export. The last ten years, the fastest growing wealth in the IT industry, but this year’s hot industry is capital operation and financial investment. This year there are two other "dark horse", they are on the new list directly into the top 100: one is the perfect world chairman Chi Yufeng, and the other is the FLYCO family of the Li Gaiteng family. Since the wealth growth slowdown in 1999, "Hurun" has been released for eighteenth consecutive years, the threshold list for four consecutive years to maintain 2 billion yuan. However, statistics show that over the past year, the pace of wealth growth began to slow down this year, there are 2056 entrepreneurs in the wealth of more than $2 billion and is the lowest increase in three years. In addition, the average wealth of entrepreneurs on the list slightly lower than last year, down from 7 billion 300 million yuan to $7 billion 200 million. Entrepreneurs prefer to live in Beijing home from the city’s preference for the city, the 322 list of entrepreneurs living in Beijing, an increase of 43 over last year, Shenzhen, the number of the 195 place; Shanghai,, G20 held in the ranks of the world’s top fourth in the year of. This year, the largest increase in the number of Guangzhou, followed by Taizhou and Xiamen. Finance, IT wealth rising fast from the industry point of view, the proportion of the number of people on the list of financial investment industry rose fastest, followed by IT, in addition, cultural entertainment and new energy industries have also increased. The fastest decline was in manufacturing, real estate and clothing, with a slight decline in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the iron and steel industry. Compared to the total wealth of various industries, real estate, IT and manufacturing still accounts for the vast majority. 68 after the list of entrepreneurs from the age structure of the year, this year, there are 68 After 80 entrepreneurs on the list, an increase of 12 over last year, a total of 80. 21 of them are basically start empty-handed, they engaged in IT industry. Yu H & Q You 36 year old Wang Qicheng and 35 year old Wu Yan and his wife, 24 billion 500 million yuan to become the richest "80" start empty-handed regal. Hu Run said, he founded the rich list, is to encourage young entrepreneurs. (commissioning editor Fan Xiaolin and Ma Lingling)相关的主题文章: