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The 28 year old woman online marriage was "handsome" money Pianse and Beijing – in the summer of last year, the city’s 28 year old Ms. Gao by dating website " Lily network " made a history live in the west, the two exchanged micro signal after the start of contact on the site, and soon became friends. " love " in the process, a process for a variety of reasons to borrow MS Gao’s credit card overdraft several times, resulting in more than 5 yuan arrears. Six months later, Cheng suddenly lost contact. At present, Ms. Gao is contacting the other two deceived lady ready to report to the police. "Handsome" come and go in June last year, Ms. Gao in the lily network registration information, Taiyuan man cheng registration called "Assassin’s eagle" an initiative to contact her, soon, two each plus the WeChat, talked several times after the meeting. The other elegant appearance, attentive care, high paying job, good family conditions and good conversation attracts high lady, the two will establish a relationship in a relatively short period of time. Since then, Cheng a variety of excuses and reasons to borrow money to ms.. The number of times, Ms. Gao reluctantly said he had only one thousand or two thousand yuan a month, there is no way to always lend him money. However, the other qiaosheruhuang, repeated "I accidentally took a unit of liquidity, need to be filled and other excuses, Ms. Gao borrowed credit card, the last time you said" the card is placed in me, I borrowed much right away how much. I have money, but now can not open……" Ms. Gao has been the love become dizzy with success did not think they agreed, she fell into the abyss…… The day before yesterday, Ms. Gao provided in a CITIC Bank credit card has a statement, the reporter saw several expenditure: July 1, 2015 spending 6510 yuan, spending 2800 yuan in July 2nd, spending 20 thousand yuan in July 8th September 1st, spending 12 thousand and 500 yuan and 32 thousand and 200 yuan respectively. In addition, in August 2015 in Linfen, a clothing store credit card spending 16 thousand and 700 yuan…… These expenditures, Cheng also a little less, the final total arrears of 50250 yuan. At the end of December last year, Cheng suddenly lost contact, phone number, and from QQ and WeChat removed the high ms.. "Good conditions" are fictional boyfriend, how can not see disappeared? Ms. Gao is very painful. After searching for nothing, she gradually realized that she was a liar. The bank constantly reminders, Ms. Gao as a warning for the future, began to trace. Don’t cha do not know, only to find that out each other’s good conditions, good work, and all the identity information is fictional. Cheng had to take her to a beautifully decorated Olin garden house, said it was his parents for him to buy a new house later, Ms. Gao learned that this is the process of a rented. The other said he was unmarried, divorced and have children. The other said he is a group of Provincial Communist Youth League Committee of the results of an investigation of the unit person, and a former member of a meal in a coal mine, has been expelled from the unit 3 years ago. Cheng said his father was an air force officer, the mother is a large hospital doctor, which is purely fictitious. Also, he drove the car is not all of it, the owner of another person, and He Rui相关的主题文章: