The 5 day of the week is a good time for you to sleep in the morning-rosstallanma

This week the 5 day of the outfit has for you to pick a good morning sleep. Look at Beijing this week can wear what ~ the highest temperature on Monday November 14th: 0 12° C is a little cloudy to sunny mustard and a little copper tone wool coat is autumn sense but not too boring, collocation a washing a light wind Boyish wide leg jeans and ankle boots, wear clothing with Korean actress a fan. On Tuesday November 15th the highest temperature: 0 9° C; sun haze with color collocation is the autumn and winter this year, the trend of course, subtle color can make your other subtle sense of hierarchy in maintaining the unity of the body, such as the other Navy blazer, black and dark blue trousers in a perfect interpretation this kind of color sense, the overall look chic and thin, you can also try this color game oh. On Wednesday November 16th the highest temperature: 0 11° C from Balenciaga this haze jacket is really now winter energy-saving of the explosion of a single product, highlight is the unique design of the profile of the waist, and the other part with simple white T and tight leg jeans to collocation, the overall look dry and fashionable practice. On Thursday November 17th the highest temperature: 0 11° C; this haze Blazer highlights the hem with long and short in front and side seam bifurcation design, with fine decoration, let the whole item sweep the common suit stiff feeling, more vivid! Wave Skinny Scarf and knee high black suede boots are perfect season to enhance the overall texture of the other single product. On Friday November 18th the highest temperature: 0 15° C type rain blouse army green long coat and intellectual and handsome, take the black turtleneck sweater and jeans is with smooth and clean. With a belt in the coat outside, both the waist pinch and enhance the proportion of the lower body, tall and thin! Another is Shanghai on Monday November 14th, the highest temperature: 0 21° C overcast light rain this GUCCI sweater is also the season of candids explosion models, red white and blue outline retro full sense of visual sense, a little boyfriend wind profile and fringe elements make this sweater with and full of vitality! The thickness of sweaters are also suitable for Shanghai’s climate it just now. On Tuesday November 15th the highest temperature: 0 18° C bling bling a bit overcast to cloudy texture mosaic printing small suit take the white suspenders, with horizontal stripes of elements of two items and corresponding collocation and self-cultivation all blend into one harmonious whole, thin dark waisted jeans BDF well modified shape, looks very simple but there is no lack of a sense of novelty. On Wednesday November 16th the highest temperature: 0 18° C cloudy denim jacket is particularly suitable for the present climate of Shanghai perfect products, like this with a white!相关的主题文章: