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The 79 year old man pearl started moment Mao Zedong "Long March" (Figure) – Anhui – channel through a magnifying glass to see miniature works. According to Hefei Online reported that a small pearl, usually as Lady decorations in Hefei, a 79 year old man Fu Ligeng’s hand, it has become a big treasure style show. "Red is not afraid of difficult expedition, the trials of a long journey only lightly……" Mao Zedong’s 39 poetry collection, was engraved in 26 elderly bean size of pearls, with 30 times the magnifying glass, you can clearly see the Pearl on the poem, every word or one fine, neat as a font. Over the years, Fu Ligeng only hobby is studying miniature, a pearl carved up to 400 words. He said he wanted to continue the challenge, and he carved 600 words on a pearl. Love pearl Python 60 years immersed in a beautiful pearl, wrote a song famous poems, it is full of mystery and color art. On the morning of October 13th, the Jianghuai morning news reporter came to the north steel District of Zongyang road community. Because of the architecture of the 50s and 60s of last century, the staircase was dark and damp. We are not, in this more than a dozen square meters Tongzilou rental house, has gathered these baby. Pearl Python is the owner of the 79 year old Fu Ligeng. Fu Ligeng said, he fell in love with the miniature art from ten years old, has been 60 years, carved ivory, marble, glass bottles, but the favorite or pearl. "Pearls are the hardest. It’s harder than ivory, and it’s slippery. It’s easy to break in the middle of carving." But Fu Ligeng loves the challenge. Fu told reporters that he carved these entirely because of hobbies, do not rely on this to earn money to earn a living. Sit a hand injury and hurt body of this tiny room, but neatly stocked with all kinds of dictionaries, poetry, copybook books, a desk in the window above a small table lamp, pearl shelf, magnifying glass is usually Fu Ligeng creation tool. Fu Ligeng took out a small box with many pearls in it. Looking far, pure white and mellow. A close look at the top of a piece of black words. With a magnifying glass, you see, all of them are poems and songs. A pearl, less engraved dozens of words, the most engraved 400 words. Oracle, Zhuanti, script, italics, different font is not the same as the pearl. Tang poetry, Song Ci and song fu…… Content is multifarious. Fu Ligeng told us that the lettering on the pearl is patient and determined, and the strength of the blade is especially important. "When a pearl in the moment, the hand can not stop the knife, once stopped, will be forgotten before efforts, engraved words two tone no, the font size is not a moment no more." Ten years ago, Fu old time was 10 hours, neck, hands, legs numb. Now, when you get old, you’ll spend half a day at most. "Engraved pearls have left sequelae, engraved on a finger will be very painful, the cervical vertebra also has great harm."." Fu said that he would massage himself every morning, so as to ensure a healthy body. What’s interesting is that these gadgets were invented by him himself. As the saying goes, the worker wants to be good 79岁老翁珍珠上手刻毛泽东《长征》(图)–安徽频道–人民网 通过放大镜查看微雕的作品。 据合肥在线报道,一颗小小的珍珠,一般是作为女士身上的装饰品,可在合肥一位79岁老翁傅立耕的手上,它却成了一块展现大风采的瑰宝。“红军不怕远征难,万水千山只等闲……”39首毛泽东诗词精选集,被老人刻在了26颗黄豆大小的珍珠上,透过30倍的放大镜,可以清晰地看见珍珠上的诗句,每一个字的深浅,一笔一划的精细,工整如一的字体。多年来,傅立耕唯一的爱好就是钻研微雕,一颗珍珠最多能刻下400个字。他说还想继续挑战,一颗珍珠上刻600字。 酷爱珍珠微雕 埋头钻研60年 美丽的珍珠上,刻下一首首名家诗词,让它充满了神秘和艺术色彩。 10月13日上午,江淮晨报记者来到位于枞阳路社区的钢北小区。由于还是上个世纪五六十年代的建筑,楼梯间阴暗潮湿。可我们想不到的是,就在这个筒子楼十几平米出租屋里,却聚集了这些的宝贝。 珍珠微雕的主人就是79岁的傅立耕。傅立耕说,他从十几岁就喜欢上微雕艺术,至今已有60年,雕刻过象牙、大理石、玻璃瓶子等,不过最喜爱的还是珍珠。“珍珠的难度最大,它比象牙硬,而且很滑,雕刻时中途易断刀。”但傅立耕就是喜欢挑战。傅老告诉记者,他雕刻这些完全因为爱好,并不依靠此赚钱谋生。 一坐就是大半天 伤手又伤身体 这间狭小的房间里,却整整齐齐摆放着各种词典、诗词歌赋、字帖等书籍,一张写字台迎着窗户,上面的小台灯、珍珠架子、放大镜都是傅立耕平时创作的工具。 傅立耕拿出一个个小盒子,里面装着一颗颗珍珠。远远看去,外表纯白圆润。凑近了一看,上面一片密密麻麻的黑字。用放大镜一瞧,上面全都是诗词歌赋。一颗珍珠上,少则刻了几十个字,最多的刻了400个字。甲骨文、篆体、行书、楷体,不同的珍珠字体不尽相同。唐诗、宋词、歌赋……内容更是五花八门。 傅立耕告诉我们,珍珠上刻字要的是耐心、决心,刀片的力度尤为重要。“一颗珍珠在刻的时候,手不能停刀,一旦停了,就会忘记之前的力度,刻的字深浅不一不行,刻的字体大小不一更不行。”十年前,傅老一次就坐了10个小时,脖子、手、腿都麻木了。如今上了年纪,一次最多刻上半天工夫。“刻珍珠已经留下了后遗症了,刻上一会手指会很疼,对颈椎也有很大的伤害。”傅老说,他每天早晨都会给自己全身按摩,这样才能保证健康的体魄。 有意思的是,傅老的这些小工具都是他自己发明的。俗话说,工欲善其事必先利其器。光是刻珍珠的工具,老人就研究了30年。“这么多年来,我几乎天天都在琢磨。如今,工具已经换了三代了。” 带作品去旅行 希望寻到伯乐 一粒粒珍珠上刻着《醉翁亭记》、《岳阳楼记》、《兰亭集序》等诗词,其中一个金色的长方形小礼盒吸引了记者的注意。打开一看,36粒珍珠被线穿好,整齐地固定在盒子里。“这里是39首毛泽东诗词选。”今年是长征胜利80周年纪念,傅老还特意将刻着《长征》的一粒珍珠找给我们看。“红军不怕远征难,万水千山只等闲……”对于自己刻下的每一首诗词,傅老都铭记于心。 最近,傅老报了一个老年人旅行团,准备去多地旅游。这次旅游他将带上毛泽东诗词选这部微雕作品。他希望能够在旅途中找到真正欣赏他作品的伯乐,展示这份他钻研了大半辈子的艺术。晨报星级记者 张梦怡 文 高博 摄 实习生 朱鸾 通讯员 李永虎  (责编:吴西露、张磊)相关的主题文章: