The apple of glutinous rice starring in the non – Santiago Film Festival Awards – Sohu

"Apple" starring in non glutinous rice non Award – Santiago Film Festival "entertainment Sohu glutinous rice apple" movie poster thirteenth Santiago International Children’s film festival grand opening on August 26th. The festival is screened 160 films from 31 countries. The works brought 8 feature films in Chinese movie delegation for the the film festival, the 1 film, three plays. Including the director Wang Jun directed, Ma Enran, starring in the film, such as non glutinous rice apple. And won the Santiago International Children’s Film Festival’s highest award: Jury Award – best film. "The apple of glutinous rice" is a film that focuses on the theme of children left behind. Produced by Beijing Hengyuan film culture media Co., produced by Jia Yuanyuan, Zhang Jinhua Wang Jun, chief producer, director and writer. And Ma Enran from the Golden Rooster winner, the young actor in non, Hou Jingying, a children’s story starring Liu Zhiyou. In non as Chen in the movie "rice apple", the movie was filmed in Guizhou mountainous area, non practicing shooting early in Guizhou, but also in the shooting scene in Guizhou with local actors to exchange learning. In non stills non in the movie "a flower", "singing" also starred in the air. In which there are good performance. Look forward to the transformation and growth of the actress.相关的主题文章: