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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews For an individual insisting on living the high life, enjoying the best and most innovative products there are, luxurite mirror TV would be certainly be a must-have. The mirror TV is actually an electronic device that functions both as a television set and a mirror at the same time. Ever been to hotel rooms where flat screen televisions are literally installed right in the middle of the mirror, taking up most of the space and leaving just the spaces around it for seeing ones reflection? Well, the mirror TV takes that concept one step beyond, with the mirror itself a television set at a click of a finger. In fact, the technology of mirror TV was initially developed to solve this interior and space dilemma experienced by hotels from all over the world. Luxurious hotels catering to the most discriminating clients have readily embraced this innovation, which .bines both technology and elegance. There is no reason for this innovation not to cross over from hotels right to our own homes. In dwellings where space can be a big issue, luxurite mirror TV could be a much appreciated addition. Because the mirror TV can actually be concealed and converted into a mirror, the problem of its storage will be over and done with. In fact, the mirror TV can now actually be installed right on top of the fireplace without providing the unnecessary eyesore so many interior designers .plain about. But just how does a mirror TV actually works? It is actually .posed of both a mirror and a LCS display directly behind it. Polarizing the mirror allows images to be transferred to it, with the aid of a special lamination. When the TV is turned off, the mirror functions as it is. Most models of mirror TV nowadays actually uses high definition technology to further enhance the viewing experience. However, in keeping with the innovative features being introduced with the rest of the electronic devices being sold in the market today, luxurite mirror TV can also function as a .puter monitor. Just plug the device into a .puter and you have an instant big screen monitor. Now, if youre a gaming enthusiast, imagine enhancing the gaming experience with the mirror TV. Manufacturers are assuring they are now also developing models with built-in internet-ready feature in future models of mirror TV. Some even has introduced touch screen models to several upscale hotels all over the world. In a year or two, consumers can expect to be able to purchased similar models introduced to the high end market as well. With manufacturers initiating efforts in making the mirror TV more consumer-friendly and accessible, expect to have the more savvy individuals to have a try of this cutting edge product which perfectly suits their busy lifestyles. There are even models of mirror TV designed specifically for bathrooms, where consumers can now .bine grooming activities with entertainment. Another part of the house where the mirror TV would be appropriate is the bedroom with the closet near by, giving homeowners the added convenience of not missing out on their favorite show or in listening to the news while dressing up for work or for a night out with friends. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: