The bus encounters mammy she is a good person, with no needle in Beijing tianbi

The bus encounters "mammy": she is a good person, not with a needle – Beijing map: Centre for "Rong Momo Li Mingqi. In new network on 26 September, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, classic costume drama "Princess" has been broadcast in over 18 years, Alec Su and Zhao Wei jointly held the red, Ruby Lin et al., inside bad character of "Rong Momo Li Mingqi fame, the audience of her evil means still memorable. Recently some friends take the bus by her, immediately photographed upload micro-blog said "she is a good person, with no visible needle", she plays a extremely cruel and merciless in people’s minds, laugh over a bunch of friends. "Mammy" although Li Mingqi has a pivotal position in the entertainment circle, but the personality is still quite amiable, still with public transport. Recently some friends take the bus by her, you see her at the age of 80, have got up and offered his seat. You can see photos from the exposure, she pulled Baotou, wearing glasses, wearing a black coat with white spot, the face of public good seat, she can happy smile thanks. In addition, "Rong Momo Li Mingqi photo upload network, the users also joked that" she is a good person, with no needle ", because she is in the" Princess "had acupuncture Myrtle Ruby Lin’s fingers, they get bad means let people remember exactly 18 years. But the remarks also evoke many memories of people, also be laughed if you don’t lose the seat, she would take the needle out? ", crooked smile big ticket users.相关的主题文章: