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The business circle mourn rain doctor Zhang Rui: they are very careful, not retreat rain doctor founder Zhang Rui in Beijing long autumn, a friend and love by the middle-aged entrepreneurs, died. In October 6th 18, mobile medical platform spring doctor issued its founder, CEO Zhang Rui died, Beijing Chunyu World Software Co. Ltd. (spring doctor) founder and CEO Mr. Zhang Rui, due to sudden myocardial infarction, died in Beijing on the evening of October 5, 2016, only 44 years old. Zhang Rui died in the rain doctor Shuguangchuxian moment. Previously, rain doctors online consultation business and doing line clinic business model to suffer a lot of questions, financing also twists and turns. Some analysts said, overwhelmed by Zhang Rui anxiety in his body. Before the interview, Zhang Rui said frankly that he is indeed very anxious, every day to eat well sleep well, "before going to bed at night will worry about the broken capital chain how to do morning and playing their own spirit encourage, products to solve so many people suffering, so valuable, will get the money no, but fate." According to the new financial reports in June 2016, when the rain doctor has completed 1 billion 200 million financing Pre-IPO links, 2015 online inquiry business income 130 million yuan, profit 30 million, plans to spin off the package, but in the merger of A shares or three new board listed two program is still hesitant. Zhang Rui is a 70, a suburban was born in Anhui city of Hefei Province, Renmin University of China Biology Bachelor, master of journalism. Former CCTV reporter, former director of JINGWAH news, former deputy editor in chief of NetEase. The sudden death of Zhang Rui, Feng Dahui in micro-blog CTO before the DXY said, "as prime, zhuangzhiweichou." Zhang Rui’s good friend, School of communication and design Zhongshan University President Zhang Zhian to surging news that Zhang Rui is an idealist, his life is always full of passion, outspoken and full of talent. Zhang Zhian recalled a detail, when Zhang Zhian teaches at Fudan University, once he invited Zhang Rui to lecture at Fudan University, Zhang Rui was busy, but he still accepted Zhang Zhian’s invitation, but also carefully prepared a speech PPT, "speech full of dry cargo." When he was doing news in NetEase, constantly pondering product innovation and content mining, but also with the Fudan University, Jinan University and several other universities to establish a cooperative relationship, funding for teachers and students to study the original news network. Treat a friend, Zhang Rui no matter how tired or hard, as long as a friend to ask for help, he can help to help, can not help him will sincerely explain." Zhang Zhian told surging news. Zhang Rui’s sudden death, once again raised public concern about the health of entrepreneurs. Many of Mr Zhang Rui’s colleagues, friends, including quality rice network founder Wang Lifen (micro-blog), internet medical business services artery network founder Li Datao, Dashen network president Wang Dong, Dean of Zhongshan University School of communication and design have also issued a tribute to Zhang Zhian. The following is the surging news get authorization, forwarded Wang Lifen, Li Datao, Wang Dong, Zhang Zhian and other 4 articles of mourning, as well as hammer technology CEO a micro-blog. Quality rice network founder Wang Lifen in October.相关的主题文章: