The card to read the tape today traded the top grid opened up 20%-segotep

The card to read the tape: traded today rose 20% in the top grid opening card network news (reporter Zhang Dandan) A stock market ushered in a news website "national team", 28, listed transactions, the auction stage of the shares of the top grid opened up 20.01%, at 33.23 yuan. Company stock code 603888, the issue price of $27.69 shares, the number of shares issued 51 million 902 thousand and 936 shares, the total issued share capital of the shares of 207 million 611 thousand and 744. Xinhua Limited by Share Ltd is a central enterprise managed by Xinhua news agency. Xinhua is directly deployed by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, Xinhua news agency, the main focus of the news site, is an important position of the party and the state of public opinion on the internet. was founded in November 7, 1997, relying on the Xinhua news agency more than and 30 domestic branches and 170 overseas branches, consisting of news and information gathering network covering the whole world, in (simple and complex), Britain, France and Russia, Japan and the west, Arab and other 7 languages and two ethnic Tibetan and Uygur language, 24 the clock to publish news and information to the world. After more than ten years of innovation development, realized from single media to multimedia, from monolingual to multilingual, from wired to wireless, leapfrog development from a single news release platform to the multifunctional platform. Xinhua 2010 to the enterprise restructuring, the implementation of the company’s operating system mechanism. At present, China is working hard to forge ahead, in line with the requirements of the construction of modern all media formats of international first-class network media, with a strong ability to innovate new Internet cultural enterprises. [market positioning] Xinhua listed positioning is how much? A senior industry source told reporters, listed location reference valuation, current dynamic price earnings ratio of 355 times the market value of 22 billion 500 million yuan, listed after about 1.5 to 3 times increase.相关的主题文章: