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The star was Suning to confirm the transfer fee of 50 million euro coach brush records – Sohu sports "team" the French media reported Teixeira 50 million euro transfer Sohu of Jiangsu sports news, Beijing time on February 5th, according to the French "equipe" reports, the British "Footballinsider" and other media reports, Ukraine Donetsk miners coach Lucescu in an interview that the team striker Teixeira has been sold to the superior, Teixeira is the new owner of Jiangsu Suning, the transfer fee to 50 million euros. In February 3rd, Guangzhou Heng brigade 42 million euro sign Atletico Madrid striker Martinez to create a super transfer record, but once the Teixeira 50 million euro transfer Suning will come true, again to refresh the record. Video – Teixeira high light collection fee of 50 million euro to brush super record "team" according to the report, in an interview with the miners coach Lucescu made it clear that Teixeira will leave: "it is true that we really see him buy a Chinese. "Footballinsider" also pointed out that the report, Lucescu told the Brazil media: "we agree to sell him China, but we have to wait here Suning the move on our side has no problem. We don’t want to repeat the mistakes of Milan striker Adriano, so there are some details that need to be confirmed and will be officially announced later." The British "Footballinsider" reported that Teixeira Teixeira had been in the winter transfer window Premier League giants Liverpool pursuit, at the time of the Liverpool bid for Teixeira was 36 million in Europe, the miners refused. "Team" reported today, Jiangsu Suning team bid for Teixeira 50 million euro, finally let the transfer trip, the 26 year old Brazil players will open China trip. It is worth mentioning that, Suning has just 32 million euro (Suning official number 28 million euro) signed the former Chelsea player Ramirez, once set a super transfer record, and then Hengda to 42 million euro signing Jackson? Martinez robbed Suning limelight. Today, Suning will soon re record the transfer record with 50 million euros. And this is not the end of the luxury purchase, Suning is still in full pursuit of Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure. 6 years ago, the miners to 6 million euros from Vasco de Gama of Brazil Maimo Teixeira, the Ukrainian Super League season, 16 games scored 22 out of special thank war ball shocking, and Ukraine in all competitions, pull out the special thank war 26 games into 26 balls with remarkable efficiency. As an attacking midfielder, Teixeira can act as a center behind any position in front of the court, with a keen sense of smell before the door. Teixeira was selected for the Brazil U20 national team, seven times into 3 goals. According to the "team" reports, Suning to offer Teixeira million euros, while the wages have been discharged into the global top ten player wages. (non giving)

妖星赴苏宁获主帅确认 转会费5000万欧再刷纪录-搜狐体育 法国媒体《队报》报道特谢拉5000万欧转会江苏   搜狐体育讯,北京时间2月5日,据法国《队报》报道、英国《Footballinsider》等媒体报道,乌克兰顿涅茨克矿工主帅卢塞斯库在接受采访时确认了队内前锋特谢拉已经被卖到中超,特谢拉的新东家正是江苏苏宁,转会费达到5000万欧元。2月3日,广州恒大队以4200万欧签入马竞前锋马丁内斯创造中超转会纪录,而一旦特谢拉5000万欧转会苏宁成真,将再度刷新这一纪录。 视频-特谢拉高光集锦 转会费5000万欧再刷中超纪录   据《队报》报道,矿工主帅卢塞斯库在采访中明确表示特谢拉即将离队:“这是真的,我们的确把他买到了中国。《Footballinsider》报道中同时指出,卢塞斯库告诉巴西媒体:“我们同意把他卖到中国了,但是我们要等等苏宁这边的结果,转会在我们这边已经没有问题了。我们不想重蹈米兰前锋阿德里亚诺的覆辙,因此还有些细节待确定,之后会官方宣布。” 英国《Footballinsider》报道特谢拉转会   特谢拉曾在冬窗被英超豪门利物浦追求,当时利物浦为特谢拉报价3600万欧,遭到矿工队拒绝。《队报》报道指出,如今江苏苏宁队为特谢拉开价5000万欧,终于让转会成行,这位26岁的巴西球员即将开启中国之旅。值得一提的是,苏宁刚刚以3200万欧(苏宁官方数字2800万欧)签约了前切尔西球员拉米雷斯,一度刷新了中超转会纪录,而随后恒大以4200万欧签约杰克逊?马丁内斯抢走了苏宁的风头。如今,苏宁即将以5000万欧天价再度刷新中超转会纪录。而这还不是豪购的终点,苏宁仍在全力追求曼城中场亚亚图雷。   6年前,矿工队以600万欧从巴西瓦斯科达伽马队买进特谢拉,本赛季乌超联赛中,特谢拉出战16场打入22球令人震惊,而乌克兰各项赛事中,特谢拉出战26场打入26球效率惊人。作为一名攻击型中场,特谢拉可以出任中锋身后的前场任何位置,具备敏锐的门前嗅觉。特谢拉曾入选巴西U20国家队,出战七次打入3球。据《队报》报道,苏宁为特谢拉提供了千万欧元的年薪,而这一工资已经排入了全球球员工资榜前十。(非予)相关的主题文章: