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The Double Ninth Festival yesterday   the old man want what gift?     is very simple; children often go back home – Jiangxi Channel – October 9th is the Double Ninth Festival, many children for parents to send gifts to express filial piety, as parents, what most want to do? Many parents in Nanchang, said they do not lack gifts, most want is to be able to meet more children and more talk with the children. I hope the children often come back home residents Xiang Lu more than and 80 year old woman, weekdays only a small son to see her and other children seldom go home. The children have grandchildren, weekdays, a family is difficult to gather together, the Chinese New Year holiday is just a meal together, and then they are gone." A few days ago my daughter also called to ask me what I want, what is missing, I am so old, in fact, these are not what I need." Lu granny said, her greatest hope is that children can go home often. During the interview, many old people expressed the same feelings: children have to fight the cause and take care of the family, even with Nanchang, and parents can not see a few times a year face, I feel very lonely. Many children of filial piety Festival yesterday is the Double Ninth Festival, is a festival for the elderly, many respondents said, will be home to spend time with the elderly, if not home will also make a telephone call to chat with old. My father likes to drink tea. I bought some tea and gave it to him at night." Jiangxi Institute of science and technology, Wu said, although the parents said no gifts, but as their children carefully prepared a gift more intimate and filial piety, the best investment parents, parents choose favorite things. (commissioning editor Wu Ruo and Mao Siyuan)相关的主题文章: