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The eighteenth Fair grand opening "deep wisdom cloud" sparked concern – Sohu science and technology news: November 16, 2016, November 17th Texun eighteenth China international hi tech Fair (hereinafter referred to as "fair") at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center grand opening, the enterprise cloud intelligent hardware platform for deep wisdom cloud as influential in Shenzhen, dozens of supply chain partners collective appearance of the fair, to fully demonstrate the technical strength and wisdom so deep cooperation platform in networking, networking and other areas of the car, the scene caused great attention. Deep wisdom cloud exhibition site map deep Chi Yun as the manufacturer of intelligent hardware cloud platform to help companies achieve the transformation and upgrading of traditional intelligence, at the technical level to provide technical service module access, enterprise exclusive SaaS services, PaaS services, IoT intelligent data management platform, intelligent hardware and other professional super app for traditional enterprises. In the service level, according to the different partners pain points and needs, providing customized intelligent product solutions, services covering many areas of intelligent Home Furnishing, intelligent security, intelligent wearable, intelligent hardware and joint office. The opening of the fair soon, deep wisdom cloud booth that attracted many exhibition vendors have stopped, the transformation scheme of intelligent intelligent products and consulting experience, many traditional vendors said that the current Internet era background in the development of traditional industries, from "manufacturing" to "smart", they need such as deep wisdom cloud intelligent hardware cloud platform for enterprises to help them together to create intelligent products. Exhibition vendors & consulting experience; intelligent products of the exhibition site is another highlight, deep wisdom cloud intelligent products, dozens of supply chain partners to build include: krypton space intelligent access control attendance, & Dongguan Qitai Lighting Co. Ltd, the intelligent security suite, Hunan animal husbandry werewolf Footwear Company Limited the intelligent location of children shoes, Shenzhen wind lines IOT Technology Co. Ltd. air detector, Shenzhen Kang Bridge Health Management Co., intelligent water purifier, Dongguan Guangyu Jnh Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen unlimited convenience pillow Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. intelligent locks and other dozens of products. These cases of cooperation displayed at the exhibition vendors on the deep wisdom cloud showed great interest in the scene with deep wisdom cloud booth staff to expand the depth of communication, a detailed understanding of the function of cooperative case, implementation method, technical cooperation cycle, project progress and so on, but also put forward their own enterprises in the intelligent understanding of intelligent technology transformation in the process, in the choice of cloud platform cooperation, experience cloud platform choice, project development cycle is not controllable, aiming at exhibition vendors these doubts, deep wisdom cloud appeared together deep wisdom cloud booth partners said that before and deep wisdom cloud collaboration, also have the same concerns. Worried that the project is not controllable, the team did not experience, worry about the whole project cost is too high, the ratio of input and output are worried about professional, cannot achieve the desired The effect and so on, but in the real cooperation, service and technical ability of the deep wisdom cloud is still quite satisfactory, the whole process of cooperation of both sides is very smooth, products and cooperation signing the final delivery of the non target product]相关的主题文章: