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Movies-TV The environment is our greatest treasure. The planet earth is strong and durable but also susceptible to what humanity does. The Environmental Report With Terry Bradshaw is dedicated to covering all aspects of the environment, from sustainable living practices to green energy and eco-friendly businesses. There really is no either/or paradigm when it .es to green living because sustainability is also profitable, as many .panies and industries have show. Join football superstar and award-winning host Terry Bradshaw as he profiles the many people, places, and .panies who are leading the way towards environmental sustainability in everything from green energy to packaging and more. Featuring episodes devoted to such topics as Greening the Bottom Line, Eco-Friendly Solutions, Healthier Living Through Healthier Choices, Environmental Education Series, Remediation Technology, Greening the Globe, and Environmental Impacts, The Environment Report is a landmark television show in the cable work. Airing on major cable networks like CNN and FOX Business, The Environmental Report will inspire and educate as you learn about fascinating people making a difference in .munities across America. With so many challenges facing our world today, the environmental way of life is more important than ever. How we impact the planet earth impacts every aspect of our lives from our cost of living to our business and political realms. There is no avoiding environmental issues in how we live. Simple choices about how we live can have a big impact on the planet and our ability to sustain our way of life. The Environmental Report hosted by Terry Bradshaw will present a number of important .panies and profiles of their founders that teach us much about .bining the worlds of business, entrepreneurship, and ecological awareness and sustainability. We have everything to gain by being more environmentally aware and sound in our thinking and in how we live. The Environmental Report With Terry Bradshaw leads the way on cable television and offers a great .bination of educational programming that teaches and inspires as it informs. How many television shows can say that? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: