The exposure of actor Liu Bin and tender wife derailed roll house Ma Rong give advice and

The exposure of actor Liu Bin and tender wife derailed roll house Ma Rong "give advice and suggestions" – Sohu   entertainment; Liu Bin (data plan) according to a report shortly before the all star, Baoqiang Wang and his wife Ma Rong derailed the broker, angrily divorce news caused a great disturbance, become this year’s hottest entertainment events. Yesterday all star agent received insider broke the news, the famous actor Liu Bin found a tender wife derailed, killing two people separated, 28 night Liu Bin wife Liu Bin cheat home, then the night will be an important financial home away, and more horrifying is informed sources claimed that the wife of Liu Bin and Ma Rong was classmates, the transfer of property in the process of Ma Rong secretly help, give advice and suggestions!!!!     the Liu Bin property was swept away by a tender wife derailed it broke the news person Ms. C said the 28 evening Liu Bin encounter Xian rentiao, all the valuable objects in his family’s home was swept away. According to Liu Bin current wife derailed after being found Liu Bin, Liu Bin also got the derailment of the audio video and other evidence, emotional breakdown, Liu Bin and his wife Liu Bin were forced to live after the showdown, lived in his apartment in Tiantongyuan, his wife took the children to live in the city. The day before yesterday evening, Liu Bin’s wife called to Liu Bin, the children want to father on the grounds, so that the city to go to the residence of the child to see the child, let’s go to the city to see the child. Liu Bin immediately drove to visit the children, he was just a start, van three logistics company to him in Tiantongyuan residence, will all the valuable things in their home away, including a variety of antique jade, his collection of safes, passport, identity card, bank card account, etc.. Remove items, some people immediately call Liu Bin, tell him small home stolen. In desperation, Liu Bin immediately drove to the home, take him back to his wife and small "gap" will transfer the child away. Liu Bin and his ex-wife Shi Lanya (data plan) MA Chuan Rong is Liu Bin tender wife behind classmates give advice and suggestions according to insiders Ms. C claimed that in this ingenious "lure" strategy, unexpectedly appeared in the name of Ma Rong!! It is claimed that Liu Bin’s wife Ma Rong Gang transferred to the logistics company truck, transfer of property and property Ma Rong of communication, Ms. C said Ma Rong so willing to do everything, because Ma Rong and Liu Bin current wife are university students, and had a bunk bestie, the relationship has been extremely close. Liu Bin and Baoqiang Wang a few years ago almost at the same time understanding the bestie, met fell in love marriage is God synchronization. From the entire incident, Liu Bin encountered the "orchestrated by plan" is just a month ago Ma Rong Baoqiang Wang copy of the property transfer. Li Youbin and Shi Lanya (information) Liu Bin and Li Youbin married wife is recalling the couple according to information, Liu Bin, born in Beijing in March 30, 1961, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, after graduating in 1984 when CCTV was assigned to the chair. As a result of the performance is quite interested in the work of CCTV will soon leave, embarked on the road of individual actors. In 1993, he and Xiaoyi Chen, Liang Tian starred in the TV series "in the dance hall" became a hit, then because of the TV series "black hole"相关的主题文章: