The first battle of Lippi national foot race, 80 yuan red envelope depends on you! Sohu Sports-www.b

The first battle of Lippi national foot race, 80 yuan red envelope depends on you! Sohu sports November 15th at 7:30 in the evening, 2018 World Cup Asian Cup 12 qualifiers in the fifth round: China VS qatar. This is not only the battle of life and death of Chinese national team in the qualifying match, but also the first battle of Lippi as the new Chinese foot coach. Hengda players for the team in the armed forces, can play passion, play the momentum, to win this match? Such an important game, so Jimei certainly give you seek to welfare! This time, my good partner "remit money" continues to bring red packets to everyone, so we all go to get a big red envelope. Refueling for the national foot! Cheer for Lippi! "Remit money" brings you a gift of red packets, the national foot every ball to send 8 yuan red coupon, the highest can get 80 yuan red coupon! If the country finally won, and then sent 8 yuan, the event can get 80 yuan red coupon. Active red coupon can be used to invest silver crude oil in the "Hui Yuan Ying", and all proceeds can be drawn out!!! To send you a free lottery, winning the prize can be taken away! You can earn money while watching the ball! Don’t miss this golden opportunity! Long press two-dimensional code to receive 80 yuan red coupon

里皮国足大赛第一战,80元红包就靠你啦!-搜狐体育      11月15日晚上7点30分,2018年俄罗斯世界杯亚洲区12强预选赛第五轮:中国VS卡塔尔。这不仅是中国国足在本次预选赛的生死之战,更是里皮作为新任中国国足主帅的第一战。   以恒大球员为班底的里家军,能否打出激情,打出气势,赢下这场关键比赛呢?   如此重要的比赛,幺鸡妹肯定又给大家谋取到福利啦!这次,我的好伙伴“指汇盈”继续给大家带来红包好礼,大家赶紧去争取拿个大红包。   为国足加油!为里皮加油!“指汇盈”给大家带来了红包大礼,国足每进一球就送8元红包券,最高可以拿到80元红包券!         若国足最终取胜,再加送8元,本次活动最高可得80元红包券。   活动红包券可在“指汇盈”投资白银原油,所得盈利可全部提款哦!!!相当于免费送你一注彩票,中奖可以把奖金都拿走!   你可以一边看球,一边赚钱!千万别错过这个千载难逢的大好机会!   长按二维码领取80元红包券相关的主题文章: