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If you were going to ask your friends, could you make a living at doing childcare out of your home? What do you think they would say? Chances are they would say no way, but I’m here to tell you different. In fact I’m here to educate you as to the vast amount of potential that lies within this small business. I’ve always been a believer in doing the opposite as everyone else. When you zag I zig. I’ve talked to a lot of people out there, some who stay home and make no money and others who desperately want to stay home and create some type resemblance of order in their life. Daycare business is a serious business, it’s not babysitting or taking care of a couple of kids here and there. It’s about running a profitable small business that provides a viable income. Below you will discover interesting fact’s regarding childcare. Fact #1 It Really Takes No Money To Start Up This Business I think this has to be one of the few businesses out there that you can start up for next to nothing. Just think about this for a minute, maybe you have children’s items lying around in your basement that no one is using. The funny thing is most daycares utilize the items that around 90% of most households. This would include, couches, small tables, sleeping bags, and of course T.V sets. And in case you don’t have any toy’s and books, you can always visit the local library and area rummage sales. Fact #2 Almost Everything is Tax Deductible Just about everything you use in your house is tax deductible and I mean just about everything! You can also think about tax deductible purchases such as that new couch you bought this year that children sit on, or how about your cell phone bill that parents call you up on. If a household expense can some how relate to your childcare business, than you can write it off. Fact #3 How Much Money Do DayCare’s Really Make? Here’s the real surprise, are you sitting? I made over $90,000 in my daycare last year. Not to shabby, why do you think we hate being called babysitters? When was the last time you met a babysitter that made that kind of money?. Fact #4 Who Is Doing All The Work In The Daycare? A lot of family daycares employ assistants who help out with Daycare children. While the assistants are working you are doing more important things. Perhaps, caring for your own children,making money at other things, or out just plain out having fun. I work at my daycare perhaps 5 hours per week which gives me lot’s of time to pursue other adventures. Fact #5 You Can Start Your Business Today, and Collect Cash Tomorrow? That really the reality of it all, it’s easy to find children to enroll as well. Tell your friends, visit your area schools and churches. Everyone is looking for good childcare and particularly someone they can trust. Why not you? As you can see, day care is a real business. A lot of people out there are successful and really, are making a lot of money. About the Author: Christine Groth, mentor,and author of Instant Daycare Profits Home Study Course. To receive her free 3 part e-course and see the proof in the pudding that she really makes that kind of money Go to ===> Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: