The gang beat old pharmacy under the guise of damaged lung liver patients eat after selling

The gang beat old pharmacy under the guise of selling counterfeit drugs after eating in patients with lung liver damage the original title: 6 people under the guise of selling counterfeit JINGWAH Yaopu old times news (reporter Wang Xiaofei) under the banner of "Ma old pharmacy Chinese medicine store signs, but in fact the pharmacy and the staff did not have any qualification and qualification from the sale of drugs, sell drugs also identified as counterfeit. Recently, due to the crime of selling counterfeit crime, the court of first instance verdict on the pharmacy general manager Yang 6 people, Yang 6 people sentenced to 3 years imprisonment to 1 years sentence. After the verdict Yang et al appeal, yesterday, the Third Hospital of Beijing by the court rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict. By selling drugs without approval according to the prosecution allegations, 2013, Yang registered Beijing Jing Fang Institute of traditional Chinese medicine and served as general manager, under the "Ma old medicine" Chinese medicine pharmacy. The company registered the "Ma’s" brand, through small manufacturers, making gold wheat edge particles, Zaocys particles, Ma’s papaya liver Qi pill, Ma’s Shujin Pill Drug, with the price of nearly 200 yuan per bag for sale. In fact, the company does not have the qualifications of drug sales, these so-called "drugs" only food circulation license certification, without drug supervision and administration department for examination and approval, no production approval number, batch number, and other information on drug treatment, the Beijing food and Drug Administration for the identification of counterfeit drugs. In order to attract customers, in addition to Yang publishing advertisements on television, newspaper, has also established a special "Ma old pharmacy" website and WeChat public, to promote Chinese medicine a Ma and a variety of Chinese traditional medicine, known as "Ma old pharmacy of traditional Chinese prescription products". It is understood that the sales staff will be mailed to the customer samples. At the same time, tell the customer need long-term use of traditional Chinese medicine can be effective, to entice customers to continue to buy, and recommend customers to "Ma old a registered doctor. But in fact, the attending doctor Ma only Henan village doctor card, there is no national doctor practicing certificate. Patients eat issues according to the report, some patients in the medical treatment and taking "Ma’s" drug produced after pulmonary infection, drug hepatitis and other adverse reactions, suspected of taking drugs, have reported to the police. The public security organs seized a variety of drugs from Beijing Shitang medicine clinic in the basement, according to the sales price calculation of all illegal income totaled 270 thousand yuan. The court of first instance to sell counterfeit drugs and sentenced yang to 3 years in prison, a fine of 500 thousand yuan, the other 5 is mainly responsible for staff, including deputy manager, manager of the sales department, were also sentenced. After the first instance verdict, Yang, who refused to appeal, Beijing city court hearing, made a final ruling, the first instance verdict. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: