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The German army traced the Islamic state more than "ghost" – permeability found Sohu news agency Berlin, November 5,   the Bundeswher or being the terrorist organization Islamic state (IS) penetration and the use of. According to German media reports, the German military counter intelligence department is now available from the country’s army found 20 Islamic extremists, and 60 suspected cases under investigation. German TV station quoted the 5 Funke media group from the German military counter intelligence (MAD) received a message that these Islamic extremists to apply to join the Bundeswehr, in order to obtain military training. German sophisticated weapons and equipment and training are considered attractive to IS terrorists. Early in March this year, the German military counter intelligence chief Christof Gramm was sent in to accept an interview with German media warned that the federal defense forces that exist by Islamic extremists as "training camp" may. In response, the German federal cabinet has decided in August this year, the future military counterintelligence departments should apply for review of all enlisted personnel in the background, to find out the hidden nature of Islamic extremists or other. The German government also plans to modify the soldiers method to cope with the new security situation, to avoid potential terrorists, extremists and serious abuse of the federal defense forces to provide training. According to the current German soldiers law, only after the soldiers to be able to carry out a safety review. The art of war on scholar revision is expected to take effect in 2017, which is expected to change the situation. From 2007 to August 2016, the German Federal defense forces found a total of 24 members of the armed forces with Islamic extremist background.相关的主题文章: