The government allows university researchers and college teachers to take part-time jobs and pay par

The official allows teachers scientific research personnel and moderate University part-time job recently, general office of the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued "on the implementation in order to increase the value of knowledge for a number of opinions" oriented distribution policy, and issued a notice requiring all localities and departments to earnestly implement the actual. "On the implementation in order to increase the value of knowledge for a number of opinions" oriented distribution policy as follows. The implementation of innovation driven development strategy to accelerate, stimulate researchers innovation enthusiasm, in the whole society to create respect for labor, respect knowledge, respect talent, and create the atmosphere, we implement the distribution policy in order to increase the value of knowledge oriented and put forward the following opinions. Which refers to allow researchers and teachers according to the law of moderate and part-time salary (a) allows researchers to do part-time work to obtain legal income. Researchers in the premise of fulfill their duties, fulfill their duties under the consent of the unit, to the enterprise and other research institutions, universities, social organization part-time and obtain legal remuneration. To encourage public part-time researchers, actively participate in decision-making consultation, poverty alleviation, science popularization, legal aid and academic organizations and other activities. Scientific research institutions, colleges and universities should be specified or agreed upon the rights and obligations of part-time and scientific research personnel, the implementation of scientific research personnel part-time part-time behavior of the public system, the unit shall not divulge technical secrets, damage or occupation of the legitimate rights and interests of this unit, in violation of the social responsibility. On the principle of part-time reward to individuals, to obtain equity dividends and establish part-time income reporting system. As the researchers paid part-time and leadership positions, according to the relevant provisions of the central executive. Approved by the unit, researchers can undergo in transforming scientific and technological achievements of innovation and entrepreneurship. Part-time or undergo entrepreneurial income not subject to the unit performance salary cap, the individual will part-time income reporting units shall truthfully record, pay individual income tax according to the relevant provisions. (two) allow many university teachers engaged in teaching to obtain legal income. Teachers in Colleges and universities approved by the unit, can carry out more teaching and get paid. Encourage the use of network platform and other media, to promote the sharing of high quality teaching resources and curriculum teaching materials society, teachers are paid in accordance with the market mechanism.