The heavy burden of primary and middle school students’ academic difficult inventory how national

The heavy burden of primary and middle school students’ academic difficult inventory countries – how to leave the child Beijing burden of primary and middle school students from class to extracurricular holidays for children to inventory countries CNR net Beijing on November 11th news China according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reports, the academic workload is not less 80 90 school experience, while reducing the burden in mid shout, "Lightening" is also a crop after the introduction, but children and parents didn’t feel relaxed, but there was a burden from class to class the trend, many children got battered. There are more than two months from the winter vacation, many of the social education and training institutions have started to enroll in the winter vacation classes. In Hangzhou, for example, the reporter, and now many parents have set up a number of alarm clock in the phone, waiting for the arrival of the release time. Because it is difficult to find a number of high-quality training institutions, the parents can not stare big eyes staring. It is understood that the current Hangzhou began on the first grade primary school a lot of learning and thinking of the proportion reached 60%, grade five or six is close to 80%. Every application stage, learning and thinking is a hard to find". Many parents admitted that, in addition to the desire to quickly improve the child’s academic performance, more direct purpose is to prepare for the small rise early. Ms. Wang said that all parents know, if you want to go to private schools, must go to the mathematical olympiad. From the beginning of grade three, they will participate in all kinds of cup, and in order to participate in the cup to go to a higher level of training, such as one to one training, in the cup to get a good result, and then get the admission quota. Hangzhou Normal University Teaching Research in primary school’s longtime associate professor Yan Conggen pointed out that the proportion of students for Science Olympiad are actually less than 5%. Gao Yabing, director of the Zhejiang Institute of family education believes that the Institute of rational look at the pressure and anxiety, is now a lot of parents must learn a lesson. Not only in Hangzhou, now in the country a lot of city, winter vacation cram advertising has snow hit – Street flyers, SMS and other channels simultaneously force promotion. Because the child is facing fierce competition and the pressure of entering a higher school, many parents rush to summer classes. The anxiety of the parents is: the other children are filling, we do not fill, is not to be far behind? In other countries, will students’ holiday life be kidnapped by their parents’ expectations? What kind of holiday is the most anticipated and favorite? Australian observers Hu Fang introduced, as the Australian students do not have any holiday homework, so all the time can be left to the children themselves to arrange. In addition to participate in a variety of sports, community public lecture is also popular with children. Please leave the parents and children spend the holidays together as a family favorite option. Hu said that Australia’s primary school students, after school is likely to be mainly during the holidays to play. Some parents often organize family outings during their children’s holiday, and increase their knowledge during the trip. Because Australians love sports, some organized training is usually related to sports. In addition to the community library in each community.相关的主题文章: