The Henan canal and other scenic spots nine to be upgraded to the national 5A scenic spot – Guizhou puritans pride

The Henan canal and other scenic spots nine to be upgraded to the national 5A scenic spot – Guizhou channel — original title: Henan canal and other scenic spots nine to be upgraded to national 5A level scenic spots in Beijing in October 14, (Feng Yatao) 13, the National Tourism Administration issued a public notice, intends to Anyang City, Henan province in the canal? The Grand Canyon, Sichuan city of Nanchong province Yilong, the hometown of Zhu De and other scenic spots nine upgrade for the 5A level scenic spots. According to the official website information of the National Tourism Administration, there are 218 5A scenic spots in china. There has been a drop, 5A scenic exit mechanism has become normal. Last October, the Shanhaiguan scenic area for some index is not up to the standard of 5A, for the first time by the National Tourism Bureau picked card; in August this year, the National Tourism Bureau smitten again, the 5A of Hunan Orange Island tourist area and Chongqing dragon Gorge Scenic delisted 5A. Previously, financial planning division of the National Tourism Bureau Director Peng Decheng said in an interview that China’s tourism industry is in a critical period of rapid growth and transformation and upgrading of tourism scenic area service quality requirements continue to improve. The National Tourism Administration will further deepen 5A scenic assessment work, in the premise of strict standards, continue to promote the scenic assessment work, increase it in the post regulatory efforts to promote the safety, quality, area normalization supervision order. The latest publicity list of scenic spot: 1. the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Manchuria Sino Russian border tourism area in 2. in Anhui province Lu’an city Anyang city 3. Henan Wanfo Lake Scenic Hongqiqu? Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic 4. Guangdong city in Zhongshan Province, the hometown of Sun Zhongshan 5. tourist areas in Hainan province Sanya city Wuzhizhou Island Tourism Zone, 6. Shaanxi city of Baoji province Taibai Mountain tourism scenic 7. of Sichuan province Nanchong City, Yilong Zhu De’s hometown area of Xinjiang autonomous region 8. Yili kalajun area of Xinjiang autonomous region in 9. Eastern and Ybas Brooke (Scenic: Tu min, commissioning editor Chen Kangqing)

河南红旗渠等九家景区拟被升级为国家5A级景区–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:河南红旗渠等九家景区拟被升级为国家5A级景区 人民网北京10月14日电(冯亚涛)13日,国家旅游局发出公示,拟将河南省安阳市红旗渠?太行大峡谷、四川省南充市仪陇朱德故里等九家景区升级为5A级景区。据国家旅游局官网信息,中国目前有218家5A级景区。 有升就有降,5A级景区退出机制也已成常态。去年10月,山海关景区因某些指标达不到5A标准,首次被国家旅游局摘了牌;今年8月,国家旅游局再次重拳出击,将湖南5A橘子洲旅游区和重庆5A神龙峡景区摘牌。 此前,国家旅游局规划财务司司长彭德成接受采访时表示表示,我国旅游业正处于快速增长和转型升级的关键时期,游客对旅游景区服务质量的要求不断提高。今后国家旅游局将进一步深化5A级景区评定工作,在严格标准的前提下,持续推进景区评定工作,加大事中事后监管力度,推进景区安全、质量、秩序常态化监管。 最新公示景区名单: 1.内蒙古自治区满洲里市中俄边境旅游区 2.安徽省六安市万佛湖景区 3.河南省安阳市红旗渠?太行大峡谷旅游景区 4.广东省中山市孙中山故里旅游区 5.海南省三亚市蜈支洲岛旅游区 6.陕西省宝鸡市太白山旅游景区 7.四川省南充市仪陇朱德故里景区 8.新疆自治区伊犁州喀拉峻景区 9.新疆自治区巴音州和静巴音布鲁克景区 (责编:涂敏、陈康清)相关的主题文章: