The high speed plan typical change the line behind the competing interests 7470d

The high speed plan typical: change the line behind the interests of Haixi Expressway plans "typical" high speed change line crosses the village behind the competing interests – reporter Chen Feng intern reporter Huang Tina Beijing reported to the rich, first road. When a connected Quanzhou to Xiamen highway through the village, Guo Dong Shi Cen Cun town of Fujian province Quanzhou Jinjiang City, the villagers are not happy. Over the past two years, in the village had high speed "good sound, their emotions from the initial excitement and expectation, now become frustrated or angry. Everything from the highway through the village line program selection controversy: the original determination of the highway around the village program, unexpectedly be put through the village program to replace. Compared to two, "through the village plan" involving a large number of demolition, and cause damage to this village has a history of 700 years. In a number of villagers, the village program was the reason to win, or doping with local interests considerations. "The local government intends to use the funds allocated by the province, built high-speed completed the demolition and land reserve, the equivalent of a ride." One villager said. "China Times" reporter found in the related documents, the original work in phase (phase of project feasibility study) A scheme "(around the village plan), the" B program "(through the village plan), but in the preliminary design stage in exchange. The villagers suspect that the line planning design units in the relevant reporting scheme, staged a "typical" drama. Reporters call the Fujian Provincial Communications Department, the provincial development and Reform Commission, have not received a direct response. Jinjiang city mayor Li Deming met with stone town declined an interview. However, the local demolition work is promoting, caused by the villagers’ rights activities to break the quiet village. "We changed the line of inexplicable Guo Cen Cun is a 700 years of history of the ancient village, the villagers to participate in the Zheng Chenggong recovered Taiwan story, still popular." Guo Cen Cun villagers Yang Tianchang proudly told reporters. In recent years, in order to speed up the layout of the West Strait Economic Zone, the Fujian provincial government to develop the "three vertical and eight horizontal, three ring, twenty-five" the highway network planning, and intends to build "Sha Zhangquan City Union high-speed road in Sha Zhangquan metropolitan area". Guo Cen Cun is located in the "Sha Zhangquan City Alliance high-speed" road construction. Highway repair front door, for such entrepreneurial Guo Cen Cun village, is undoubtedly a big positive. Villagers have also worried about the construction of the highway will be a large number of their production, living space, but this concern will soon disappear. At the beginning of 2015, Guo Cen Cun villagers by asking that the two scheme of Expressway Xiazhang Quan Guo Quanzhou Cen Cun section planning routes will be built around the village, namely "plan A", across the villages "plan B". Design units are more inclined to the former, the villagers also hold the same opinion. It is understood that around the village of A program, to avoid the villagers housing, business intensive areas, the road will go through the village on the side of the open space, will not cause a significant impact on the lives of local villagers. When the villagers still immersed in the excitement of the village path, "bad news" suddenly. In mid 2015, the government sent the survey and construction.相关的主题文章: