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The holiday is approaching the end of   with a harvest home – Anhui channel — original title: Holiday near the end with a harvest home near the end of the National Day holiday, the tourists set foot on the road in the inventory of holiday harvest. Civilization, no doubt become the consensus. "This form of signature is very good, is a constraint on their own, but also play a role in mutual supervision." The day before, in the WuHan Railway Station, passengers Ms. Zhang on the banner solemnly wrote his name. During the holiday, the Wuhan Railway Bureau in Wuchang, Hankou and other 12 tube railway passenger station launched the "million passengers traveling civilization signature commitment" activities, attracted many visitors to participate in. Guandu is the ancient town tourism spots in Yunnan province Kunming City, a holiday is bursting with people. On the eve of the national day, Guandu district will be issued to tourists and civilized tourism initiative shops, but also on the business training. During the national day, there are volunteers in the town of uncivilized behavior of persuasion every day. In Shaanxi, Xi’an, many scenic spots have focused on improving the soft environment of tourism. In order to alleviate the tourists long queues ticket, Xi’an Datang Furong garden scenic spot has launched WeChat purchase way to complete the purchase operation with the mobile phone, direct brush card can enter. Shaanxi Museum of history from the number of men and women in the distribution of the public toilet, to the regular use of cooling spray, have set the standard. In Shandong, Qingdao, the attractions of the staff to the busiest time. During the National Day golden week, Laoshan scenic tourists fifty thousand or sixty thousand passengers a day. In the Laoshan tourist service center, the inspector Sun Tao has 12 hours a day on the job. Shift over, Sun Tao also assume obligations to divert tourists duties. Doing fine service at the same time, the security around the still continue to overweight. Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Public Security Bureau police to give up the opportunity to reunite with their loved ones, to scenic spots, parking lots and other places, stick to the post. Scenic Area Public Security Bureau based on the preliminary investigation on governance, again organized special forces on the island, bird island, Jiro sword 3 center view of the 17 hotels, 7 Clinic, 1 gas station, 1 vehicles for tanker detailed investigation, investigation and security risks 3. In Jiangxi Nanchang, Shengjin Tower Scenic everywhere decorated, the red flag fluttering. During the national day, Shengjin tower area average daily traffic of more than 80 thousand passengers, for the construction of scenic spot traffic thermal monitoring system, computer to judge the flow of people once the limit is reached, it will immediately alarm, the staff will take control measures in the corresponding region. During the national day, the scene of the police brigade to increase the police force, only the park police is usually 3 times, and extended the patrol time. How will the local holiday tourists, the most beautiful scenery is a good show, various scenic spots in pondering the issue. In Anhui Mount Huangshan scenic area, life for thousands of years yingkesong graceful, amazing. Behind this is to pay for the pine man. "With strong winds and heavy snow and other inclement weather, must be 24 hours a day care, the average every 20 minutes to go out inspection time, and record the yingkesong region temperature, humidity, wind, air pressure and other meteorological factors." Hu Xiaochun said to the people. The autumn season, the purple brown with a thin cream covered with black olive branches, with more than 40 years of carving Lam Soon)相关的主题文章: