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The husband marriage derailed signed commitments to cleanse the family   divorce Eve suddenly go back and tear up the agreement – Heilongjiang Channel – original title: husband marital infidelity, can be said to cleanse the family, do not want the divorce but on the eve of tearing up the agreement signed the divorce agreement can go back? These days, I, Zhang Hong (a pseudonym). The mood is very bad, she did not think that they have added and loving husband, who was outside. Because her husband heart guilty, they signed the divorce agreement, promised to cleanse the family, but Zhang Hong did not think of is, in preparation for a divorce, the husband was "big comeback", said he did not get out. So, have signed the divorce agreement, can go back? In October 13th, the reporter interviewed Heilongjiang hodanet lawyer Lan Qin. "Mistress" calls to cleanse the family derailed the 41 year old Zhang Hong told her things, a few tears. Zhang Hong said that due to the man’s family lives in rural areas, at first, Zhang Hong did not agree with the exchanges, parents are strongly opposed. However, in the face of the chase, Zhang Hong finally relented, before she got pregnant. See cook cooked rice, Zhang Hong’s parents reluctantly agreed, and for two people held a wedding ceremony. Zhang Hong said that after marriage, her husband was very good to her, so she felt very happy. Over the years, the family condition is getting better and better, her daughter has been in high school. But a few days ago, Zhang Hong suddenly received a strange woman’s phone. The other said, she has a husband and children, I hope she can help them, let Zhang Hong leave her husband. Put down the phone, Zhang suddenly sat down on the ground. That night, her husband returned home and found his wife again, and asked to know the things brought to light, he splash kneeling in front of his wife. "I’m sorry you, she is the initiative to seduce me, I’m sorry you." Husband cried and said. "Let’s divorce, the child will never give you." Zhang Hong endured the pain in my heart said. "Well, all the family property, room, car, money, I do not want to give you." Husband said. That night, Zhang Hong and her husband wrote a divorce agreement. On the eve of the divorce her husband suddenly broken promises but let Zhang Hong unexpected things happen again. On the eve of the two people go to divorce, the husband suddenly came home and said, he can not give all the property to her and her daughter, otherwise, he later days, can not be better. If Zhang wants to divorce him, go to court. Subsequently, the husband will be written before the divorce agreement, tore a crush. Has promised good things, has formed the divorce agreement, in this case, the husband can also go back, which makes her sad. Zhang Hong said that although her husband will be a copy of the divorce agreement tear, but the original is still in her hands. Because I do not know how to do, she found a reporter to seek help. Lawyers say one party retracts so written agreement is invalid, the divorce agreement can go back? Heilongjiang hodanet lawyer Lan Qin, to give the answer. Qin lawyers said, divorce相关的主题文章: