The insolvency of the Guangxi nonferrous metal group is the first case of the issuer of the

Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Group into bankruptcy first China securities network issued interbank bond market (reporter Jin Jiajie) reporter was informed that in September 20th, the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region intermediate people’s Court of Nanning city before the date of announcement announcement, Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Group Co. bankruptcy. After half a year’s reorganization, the Guangxi nonferrous metal group was still in bankruptcy liquidation and became the first bankrupt liquidation enterprise among the interbank market bond issuers. Announcements, due to Guangxi nonferrous metals and management to the people’s court within six months from the date of the draft reorganization plan since reforming, yet to apply for an extension, the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region intermediate people’s Court of Nanning city in September 12th the end of Guangxi nonferrous metals company declared bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings. The Guangxi coloured group’s bankruptcy crisis began last year. In June 5, 2015, the company announced that the company’s "12 GUI MTN1" payment is uncertain due to its huge losses, which is due to expire in June 13, 2015. It is reported that the bill is reimbursed. Then, in November 5, 2015 and February 27, 2016, the non public directional debt financing instruments "14 GUI colored PPN003" and "13 GUI colored PPN001" finally failed to honor. In December 18, 2015, Guangxi nonferrous metals filed with the Nanning intermediate people’s court for bankruptcy reorganization application. The reason was that they could not pay off debts due to maturity, and the company’s assets were not enough to repay all debts. In February 22, 2016, the announcement issued by Guangxi nonferrous metals in Shanghai clearing house said that the company was basically inactive due to continuous losses and insolvency, and faced many legal actions. Its main assets were applied for preservation or freeze by many financial institutions. According to Caixin, the total assets of Guangxi’s non-ferrous assets decreased to 4 billion 286 million yuan after the bankruptcy reorganization and inventory audit. The total liabilities increased to 9 billion 290 million yuan, and the owner’s equity -50.05 billion yuan. The asset liability ratio was 216.77%. And before the audit, the asset liability rate was 121.04%. [reports] total debt over 20 billion and 13 Guangxi nonferrous billion notes pay to keep the uncertainty of Guangxi nonferrous metals: 500 million PPN fails to reproduce default payment of Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Group’s former chairman Li Yangtong was expelled from the Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Group Co., former deputy general manager Li Fu was expelled from the screen

广西有色金属集团破产 成银行间债市发行人首例   中国证券网讯(记者 金嘉捷)记者9月20日获悉,广西壮族自治区南宁市中级人民法院日前发布公告,宣告广西有色金属集团有限公司破产。经过半年重整努力,广西有色金属集团还是进入破产清算,成为银行间市场债券发行人中第一家破产清算企业。   公告显示,因广西有色及管理人未能在人民法院裁定重整之日起六个月内提出重整计划草案,至今也未申请延期,广西壮族自治区南宁市中级法院于9月12日宣告终止广西有色重整程序,并宣告公司破产。   广西有色集团的破产危机始于去年的债券兑付风险。2015年6月5日,公司发布公告表示,公司因巨额亏损,即将在2015年6月13日到期兑付的中票“12桂有色MTN1”兑付存在不确定性。据悉,后该票据得到偿付。   之后,2015年11月5日及2016年2月27日到期兑付的非公开定向债务融资工具“14桂有色PPN003”及“13桂有色PPN001”最终未能成功兑付。   2015年12月18日,广西有色向南宁中院提交破产重整申请,理由是不能清偿到期债务且公司资产不足以清偿全部债务。   2016年2月22日,广西有色在上海清算所发布的公告,称公司由于连续亏损已资不抵债,生产经营基本陷入停顿并面临多起法律诉讼,且主要资产被多家金融机构申请保全或冻结。   据财新报道,破产重整清查审计后,广西有色资产总额减少为42.86亿元,负债总额则增加至92.9亿元,所有者权益-50.05亿元,资产负债率高达216.77%。而在审计前,资产负债率为121.04%。   [相关报道]   广西有色总债超200亿 13亿票据兑付存不确定性   广西有色再现违约:5亿PPN未按期兑付   广西有色金属集团公司原董事长李阳通被开除党籍   广西有色金属集团有限公司原副总经理李赋屏被开除党籍相关的主题文章: