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UnCategorized Anytime a legal proceeding occurs, whether it is in a courtroom or in an office, a court reporter, or stenographer is going to be present. Therefore, what are the court reporter duties and how do they fit in with the legal proceedings that are taking place? There are many different ways that this profession makes a difference in the legal field that range beyond just keeping a record of what is said during the proceedings. First of all the stenographer duties are to create a written transcript of all of the spoken words so that they are preserved. This documentation is vital for many reasons with one being that there may be an appeal and the exact wording is going to be needed in order to know if there was a breach in the proceedings. Anyone who wants to get into this line of work needs to have a highly placed attention to detail in order to get everything transcribed properly. There are two basic ways that these recordings are made and they are vastly different from one another. The first method that is used is the stenotype machine that uses certain .binations of letters or phrases to .e up with a .plete thought. The other method is by using a voice writing machine that is spoken into which creates a transcription of everything that is said by the reporter. Each method is going to require a different amount of time for training as they both have their own set of skills. The person who employs both methods in their court reporter duties is going to have more of a variety of job choices when they are seeking employment. There are certifications and degrees associated with each type of recording method as well. The court reporter duties also include helping the judges and attorneys prepare for a trial and may include retrieving any past records that may pertain to the case for the judge. They are also responsible for the administration of any proceedings and are going to be involved in all aspects of the trial or litigation. In times where cases are settled out of court, they are also responsible for transcribing these proceedings as well. Having a great grasp of the English language is vital for those who want to go into this profession. They need to have the skills to put the spoken word into writing and spelling is important as well. It is important that they keep up with current policies and that they have great listening skills, as they need to make sure that everything is put down verbatim. Anyone who is looking into a career in this industry can take online courses that are going to allow him or her to be certified or a degree from home. The courses can be taken at the speed of the student, as there is no penalty for going too slow or too fast. There is a high demand in this field so finding a position after schooling is never going to be a problem for those who are looking to improve their financial situation. About the Author: By: Steve Hurley – Durgapur, once billed as a small town is no longer trapped within that definition. It has grown in stature and with it, the people of Durgapur are also getting the opportunity of getting employment and … By: Shirley B. Dudley – Urgent care facilities provide care now for a wide range of services. By: Shirley G. Dudley – A family doctor should have enough time and attention for you and a full range of services. By: Helen Phillips Cockrell – An annual physical in Germantown, MD can help you stay in good health. By: Kylie Weber – Preparing to visit Grand Canyon National Park during the Thanksgiving holiday? Try out an airplane tour. However, you better book it soon as these flights are super popular and sell out quickly. Learn w … By: Shirley B. Dudley – There are times when an urgent care clinic is preferred over the emergency room. By: Helen Phillips Cockrell – Primary care physicians play a needed role in health care. Find one in Germantown, MD. By: Shirley G. Dudley – A subscription membership practice means better medicine. Find one in Matthews, NC. By: Kylie Weber – Headed to Vegas for Thanksgiving? Then you’ve got to try a Grand Canyon heli tour! Flights available every day during this popular holiday. Seats are limited so RSVP soon. Get more information. Look at … By: Kylie Weber – Black Friday Grand Canyon National Park air tour discounts will be available soon after Thanksgiving. If you plan to visit the Canyon, don’t to take advantage of these specials. Get more info. Re … 相关的主题文章: